L.G. Mair, Jr. ‘Music For Winefride’


01 Winefride IX (5:21)
02 Winefride’s Prayer (5:20)
03 Winefride XIV (5:48)
04 Winefride XV (6:12)
05 Winefride XVI (6:09)
06 Winefride VIII (5:24)
07 Cadfael (4:23)
08 Winefride VI (5:23)

Total time 44:00
Cassette released by Irre-Tapes, Germany, 1993

L.G. Mair, Jr. was the bass player in US space-rock band Alien Planetscapes between 1987-1992. Alien Planetscapes was founded by Doug Walker in Queens, NY during the 1970s and involved many people through different lineups, including Carl Howard (from No Music/Audiofile Tapes), Al Margolis (If, Bawana/Sound of Pig) or David Prescott (from Generations Unlimited), among many others. American tape label Harsh Reality offers 2 lengthy tracks from an Alien Planetscapes 2001 radio session where L.G. Mair, Jr. plays bass (mp3 1 and 2). ‘Music For Winefride’ was Mair’s 2nd solo cassette release and he was also contributing to various compilation tapes worldwide, including other tracks in the Winefride series. His solo music is exclusively based on Roland MC50 sequencer and Ensoniq VFX synthesizer, popular electronic instruments of the time. Track titles on ‘Music For Winefride’ are apparently inspired by Ellis Peters’ Brother Cadfael mystery books series, published 1977-94, so that this collection of electronic tracks can be heard as incidental music to a historical murder mystery. The compositions are fairly repetitive instrumentals with clever drumbox and synth programming, and a keen ear for electronic arrangements. In the same league as British acts The Dead Goldfish Ensemble, The Same or Rimarimba.


L.G. Mair, Jr. cassettography:
1992 Feuerball/Aradia, Ebus Music, Germany
1993 Music For Winefride, Irre-Tapes, Germany
1994 Sacrament, Ha-Releases, The Netherlands
1997 Sounds From Micro Lounge, HalTapes, USA

4 Responses to “L.G. Mair, Jr. ‘Music For Winefride’”

  1. 1 action October 9, 2009 at 8:54 am

    what a beautiful house !

  2. 3 Scott October 9, 2009 at 7:53 pm

    Thanks! for continuing to post great stuff Continuo!

  3. 4 Moeskido August 3, 2015 at 12:30 am

    I worked with Lloyd Mair for a few years at a New York publishing house, and am happy to have a tape he gave me. I’ve been looking for more of his music lately, and would very much like to know where this album is still retrievable.

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