ECHO: Images Of Sound II

CD cover ECHO logoPaul Panhuysen's sound installationYoshi WadaJoe Jones

01 Richard Lerman Travelon Gamelon (3:01)
02 Richard Lerman A Footnote From Chernobyl (6:34)
03 Martin Riches Sprung Eight (4:32)
04 Terry Fox Untitled (5:08)
05 Joe Jones Small Orchestra (5:15)
06 Takehisa Kosugi Untitled (13:48)
07 Walter Fähndrich Improvisation (5:05)
08 Yoshi Wada Untitled (3:48)
09 Jean Weinfeld Untitled (1:01)
10 Christina Kubisch Untitled (0:55)
11 Johan Goedhart & Paul Panhuysen Projection (6:28)
12 Horst Rickels Untitled (2:37)
13 Horst Rickels Untitled (3:25)
14 Jim Pomeroy Untitled (4:52)
15 Jim Pomeroy Untitled (0:55)

Total time 70:00
CD released by Het Apolohuis Records, The Netherlands, 1992

This disc documents the proceedings of the ECHO: Images Of Sound festival’s 2nd edition that took place in Het Apolohuis and Activiteitcentrum 2B galleries in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, from May 1st until June 14th, 1987. A Fluxus sound and visual artist, Paul Panhuysen (b.1934) founded Het Apolohuis in 1982, an artist-run gallery focusing on sound art that Panhuysen directed with wife Hélène until its closing in 1997 (see official website). This disc alone is evidence of Panhuysen’s pioneering flair, since artists featured here weren’t widely circulated circa 1987 and became stars only 20 years later wiht CD reissues and retrospective exhibitions the wolrd over. Most tracks, but not all, were recorded during festival performances. Several performances pertain to a kind of poetic, urban gamelan with found objects, often with exquisite results (Joe Jones, Richard Lerman). Most impressive is the Taj Mahal Travellers founding member Takehisa Kosugi track, for amplified violin, ruler and voice. The piece is very intense, making full use of delay and reverb pedals to enhance the physical properties of sounds in a semi-primitive improvisation. Sound installations and sound sculptures were a major trend of the festival, lavishly documented in the booklet with amazing photos (included with d/l link). Whether you are familiar with sound art or not, this disc will take you by surprise, be it for the contributions’ high quality or the fascinating musical soundworld emerging from the compilation.


2 Responses to “ECHO: Images Of Sound II”

  1. 1 claus March 7, 2010 at 1:24 pm


    it seems like the link is broken or something?

    could re-up or fix it?

    seems like a really nice release!!


  2. 2 continuo March 7, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    I just tested the link and managed to download the file both from Zshare and Megaupload. As far as I know, the link is still active and works fine. Almost 500 people downloaded this before you and none complained. Try again.

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