Plethora ‘The Inner Workings of the Mechanism’

CD front coverMutant Sounds?Stan ReedLeaflet spread

01 Brain Pan Murmur Part I (0:45)
02 Cosmic Mariner… Destination Unknown (7:32)
03 Made Perfect Through Suffering (5:30)
04 Pink Sea (21:41)
05 Mainframe Collapse (12:26)
06 Brain Pan Murmur Part II (18:15)

Total time 1h6mn
CD-R limited to 50 copies, PsychoChrist Productions, 2004

Plethora is Seattle musician Stan Reed, a member of noise music outfit Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and The Broken Penis Orchestra, the latter a surrealist/absurdist one-man band and sometimes Nurse With Wound associate. Reed uses the Plethora alias to channel his more ear-friendly electroacoustic musical ideas. This extremely limited CD-R is noted as ‘deleted’ from Reed’s own label MySpace page, and most of Plethora’s dozen or so other releases (mostly as cassettes or CD-Rs) are either ridiculously limited, out of print or unavailable. ‘The Inner Workings…’ offers a series of minimal, electronic installations where a few creaking and groaning sounds are set in motion in front of the listener while the composer applies various sound treatments, a bit like a David Tudor at the mixing board. Tracks #4 and 5 are by far the most impressive of the set,  their glacial and mysterious proceedings reminiscent of Brume, Ricardo Mandolini or Ricardo Sinigaglia. While the music certainly lacks stereo imaging and is rather mono-dimensional, it is indeed well balanced between electronic sounds and musique concrete (samples from a closing door or motor engine, for instance). Outstanding disc.



1 Response to “Plethora ‘The Inner Workings of the Mechanism’”

  1. 1 twinkle May 25, 2009 at 10:47 am

    A Plethora of Pleasure. Thanks.

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