Michel Aubry ’23 sculptures sonores’

Cassette coverTrack #03 La pyramide du dollar soumise aux lois des sonsTrack #22 Cires gravées - les instruments sardesTrack #11 Les cannes dans la forme du tempérament égal

01 Table pour quatre tenores d’Orune (:57)
02 Siège de musique pour deux sonneurs de Launedas et Madonna Ciccone (:54)
03 La pyramide du dollar soumise aux lois des sons (:55)
04 Table pour la conversation avec Giuliana I (:44)
05 Table pour la conversation avec Giuliana II (:49)
06 Table pour la conversation avec Giuliana III (:46)
07 Siège pour la chambre de Madonna (:45)
08 Coiffeuse (1:23)
09 Psyché (:52)
10 Téléviseur (:53)
11 Les cannes dans la forme du tempérament égal (2:30)
12 Grande table en suite régulière (1:06)
13 Table en suite régulière (:35)
14 Petite table en suite régulière (1:07)
15 Etude pour le serment (:58)
16 Gamme protégée – strakasciu (:59)
17 Marqueterie – les instruments sardes I (:52)
18 La pyramide du dollar permettant le son (:52)
19 Marqueterie – les instruments sardes II (:41)
20 Triangle (:49)
21 Gamme protégée – strakasciu (:34)
22 Cires gravées – les instruments sardes (:38)
23 Cires gravées – l’ensemble de Cadillac (2:15)
24 [unidentified] (:38)

Total time 23:20
Cassette released by L’Oreille Est Hardie, Poitiers, France, 1988

Michel Aubry is a French contemporary artist, born 1959, who studied furniture designing before starting creating sound sculptures with bare reeds from wind instruments like bagpipes or sardinian clarinets (launedas) installed on reed or cane wood. His sculptures includes one or more vibrating reeds arranged in neatly designed installations also including leather, bee’s wax, wood, etc. Sculptures come in various forms including furniture (tables, chairs) or symbolic arrangement (like the dollar pyramid with its 7 angles mirroring the 7 notes of the diatonic octave ; US singer Madonna had a jacket with such a pyramid on the back in a famous movie, so she’s one of Aubry’s heroes). All sculptures+reeds are playable and Aubry often records their sound with assistants. Their sound is rather basic as no modulation is allowed, but reeds from each sculptures have different pitches creating special chords when blowed together. Aubry plays massive drones only that could go on for ever though he chooses short excerpts. The sound quality is close to that of Yoshi Wada’s Earth Horns With Electronic Drones CD on EM Records. See Michel Aubry english biography here. Thanks to reader Rain for the music.



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