Alain Bouhey ‘La Voie Scriptorale’

LP front coverLP back coverA 'sculptophonie'Side A

01 Self-System (5:20)
02 Trabla-Air (4:29)
03 Techouba (7:23)
04 Szerzeket – Allegro Vivo (6:00)
05 Szerzeket – Cadence (6:30)
06 Szerzeket – Largo and Presto (6:41)

Total time 36:30
Self released LP, France, 1988

Alain Bouhey: all saxophones
Yochk’o Seffer: piano, b-clarinet
Carol Lipkind: piano (#4+6)

Alain Bouhey is a pedagogist, author of several books on saxophone techniques. He was teacher in Senegal during the 1970s and is teaching saxophone in Rennes and Paris since the 1980s. This vinyl oddity is dedicated to Leopold Sédar Senghor, the poet and Senegal’s president from [1966 to 198?], himself a music lover and organizer of the 1st Festival Mondial des Arts Nègres (Black Arts Festival) in Dakar, 1966 (the LP from this festival is itself a strange thing). On ‘La Voie Scriptorale’, Alain Bouhey’s saxophone playing is highly enjoyable, without the shrieking sounds or violent demonstration from other free jazz horn blowers. Magma’s pianist Yochk’o Seffer shows muscular abilities in his keyboard ostinatos and arpegiatos, but he’s mixed a little behind Bouhey so that the music is allowed to breathe. The A side has 3 delightful duets with written sax parts and piano improvisation, except Techouba, a saxophone+bass clarinet duet. The B-side is a piano+saxophone sonata with Bartok and atonal reminiscences courtesy of Seffer himself, though it is probably partly improvised rather than written down. The LP comes with a 16-pp LP-sized booklet of writings and technical diagrams by Alain Bouhey – not included in the zip file.



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