Zobel & Thomasius ‘Freizeit’


01 Gebremster Fallschschirm (22:26)
02 Sammelpunkt (7:40)
03 Ping Pong (4:13)
04 Spiel Zigeuner (4:35)
05 Metallom (3:42)
06 Schlaflied (3:31)
07 Mönchhausen (2:30)
08 Aus Zweiter Hand (6:14)
09 Stimmen Der Dust (1:45)

Total time 56:40
Self-released cassette, East Berlin, DDR, 1987

Jorg Thomasius and Dieter Zobel were part of the East German cassette underground of the late 1980s. They released solo tapes, duos or collaborations on various labels like Audiophile Tapes, Prion or Epitapes. Both were members of the infamous Das Frei Orchester. Thomasius released his first solo LP ‘Tomato’ in 1988 on Generations Unlimited (USA), and later collaborated with Conrad Schnitzler, Guido Huebner, Doc Wör Mirran, Lars Stroschen and André Ruschkowski, etc. Dieter Zobel is a member of Perestroika Performance Combo and a programmer who creates many music softwares. The A side of ‘Freizeit’ is guitar+synth feedback with various sound effects with influences ranging from science-fiction movies to Richard Pinhas and german space-rock. The guitar solos can be described as ambient-Lord Litter. The B side is a collection of short electronic studies based on individual sounds, effects and loops. Tracks are varied and entertaining thanks also to the addition of some vocals.

Thanks to Don Campau [+] for the music+pictures.



2 Responses to “Zobel & Thomasius ‘Freizeit’”

  1. 1 Dualtrack May 14, 2009 at 10:52 pm

    Don Campau? There’s a name I haven’t heard in 25 years. He was always one of the nicest people around.

  2. 2 continuo May 15, 2009 at 6:15 am

    He’s been a dedicated home-taping enthusiast for a long time, indeed.

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