Various ‘Inventionen I’

LP front coverBoguslav SchaefferSukhi KangLP stocks at Edition RZ's headquarters

01 Boguslaw Schaeffer ‘Berlin 80 II’ (13:34)
02 Ricardo Mandolini ‘Fabulas II’ (10:24)
03 Sukhi Kang [piano: Alan Marks] ‘Inventio’ (23:26)

Total time 47:40
LP released on Edition RZ, ref RZ 3002, Berlin, 1985

This LP was to be the first in a series of compilation discs devoted to electro-acoustic music from Europe and Asia, on Robert Zank’s Edition RZ. Inventionen was first a Berlin contemporary music festival held from 1982 on, though the LP and CD releases are companion studio recordings of the live events. To no surprise from this label, sound engineering and pressing quality is supreme, a benchmark for all things vinyl, thanks to Robert Zank’s attention to technical details. Boguslaw Schaeffer is a Polish contemporary music composer, musicologist, playwright, writer, graphic artist (see one of his incredible graphic scores here) director of various avantgarde music journals. From 1963 a lecturer in composition in Polish music academies. He became interested in electronic music and sound processing in the early 1960s, working at the Experimental Studio (Studio Eksperymentalne) of Polish Radio in Warsaw from 1965 on. ‘Berlin 80 II’, composed 1980, is for piano and tape. I suppose it to be an evocation of Berlin, and it does indeed start with a quote/sample from Kurt Weil’s Three Penny Opera. The piece morphs successively into different scenes not necessarily related and each using different sound sources as basic material, be it electronic noise, drums, sample, electronically processed piano, etc. Sparse, untreated piano notes are the only permanent element in this fairly minimal, gorgeous piece. ‘Inventio’ is a solo piano work by Korean composer Sukhi Kang. While it is close to Boulez and Stockhausen’s own piano sonatas from the 1940s-50s, some incursion into inside- and prepared piano playing give it a broader scope, not unlike George Crumb’s 1973 Makrokosmos. For info on Ricardo Mandolini, see previous post,‘Elektro Akustische-Musik’ here.

Thanks to reader Sto, from Norway, for providing the music.


.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
Below: an 8mn film on Boguslav Schaeffer


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