Various ‘Annual Jissom’

Magazine coverCollage from A Real Kavoom label leafletA drawing from the magazineThe 'Jissom Rag of Turin' (sic)

01 Jody And The Creams ‘The Revolving Countess’ (2:46)
02 Webcore ‘Fly Wheel Fly’ (5:09)
03 Hugh Thomas ‘Anal Fistula’ (3:21)
04 Swing Jugend ‘Slowly Dipped and Wriggling’ (3:47)
05 Blind Boy Grunt ‘Dead Girls Don’t Cry’ (3:41)
06 John Boardman ‘The Orgasmic Circle Of 330,216,446’ (4:44)
07 Pseudonymous Bosch ‘Sandwich And Outside’ (14:25)
08 Hinchcliffe And Dick ‘Leave Now’ (2:47)
09 Abstract Skulls ‘Skarp Hedin’s Axe’ (3:25)
10 Abstract Skulls ‘Kicking The Can Blues’ (1:18)
11 Milovan Srdenovic And Jar ‘Virgins Anus Mantra Ray’ (0:34)
12 Smell And Quim ‘Albert Cometh’ (1:00)

Total time 46:09
Cassette+magazine released by GTOG, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, 1988

From the dark vaults of Smell & Quim’s headquarters in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, came ‘Annual Jissom’, a 1988 magazine+cassette release. This monstrosity is a compendium of insane acts from UK labels like Cordelia Records, Stinky Horse Fuck, Unlikely Records, Hajra and Swing Music (all but the first from Yorkshire, of all places). The zine itself offers short stories, comic strips, drawings, collages in a rather ambitious mix of artwork and literature by various local luminaries including Milovan Srdenovic or cartoonist Les Coleman, as well as unclassifiable mavericks like John Trubee (with a sexually explicit written manifesto, not included in the scans) or Diz Willis (an excerpt from his ‘Diaries Of Richard Burton’). While not as horrendous as regular Smell & Quim releases artwork, the zine still includes the typical blasphemies and sexually provocative content here and there. The cassette is a robust mix of depraved lyrics, Yorkshire post-industrial rock, sound poetry and spoken word. It starts with 2 bass-heavy, new-wave acts from the Cordelia stable (Jody And The Creams and Webcore) ; Srdenovic himself appears in various guises (Abstract Skulls, S&Q and very likely Blind Boy Grunt with its blunt pedophiliac/necrophiliac, inept lyrics) ; Hugh Thomas delivers a short, partially speaking-in-tongues, sound poetry track, obviously recorded at home on portable cassette ; Swing Jugend is P. Walsh, aka Smell & Quim member Paul Nonnen, for yet another West Yorkshire sinister offering with low rumbles a-plenty (see attached ‘Severe Lactations’ ad) ; also included is the longest phone prank I’ve ever heard: Sandwich And Outside, credited to Pseudonymous Bosch. Here’s what Diz Willis specialist Phil Smith wrote about the track:

I think THAT one is Diz, doing his cheesy French accent (he lived there for a bit). I thought that was pretty amusing, spinning the guy out without just being downright rude as in many prank calls . . . The slightly misspelt HinchCliffe and Dick must be George Hinchcliffe, now of the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain… they were all pals. (email, May 3rd, ’09)

There’s enough insanity in this collection of tracks to offend any innocent listener, but the musical side (so to speak) is quite varied and surprising, hopping from the lugubrious to the hilarious while actually getting close to the ‘lowest form of art’ at times. The magazine and tape obviously contain immature material, but multifarious bad jokes are delivered with tongue firmly in cheek and a joyous, messy artistry throughout. Thanks to Phil for invaluable help writing this post. Diz Willis is fortunate indeed to have such a dedicated archivist.


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2 Responses to “Various ‘Annual Jissom’”

  1. 1 Scott May 5, 2009 at 9:43 pm

    Outta this world! Thanks. I like this wackier kind of stuff.

  2. 2 continuo May 5, 2009 at 9:47 pm

    True. This is actually more entertaining than it looks like. Thanks for dropping by, Scott.

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