Ophélie Song ‘Opéra Minimal’


01 True Love (1:20)
02 Saint Valentine’s Day (1:00)
03 Hey Nonny (O Lonla Lonlaire) (1:00)
04 Le Réveil d’Ophélie (1:15)
05 Elseneur (Thème d’Ouverture) (2:35)
06 La Marche de Polonius (0:50)
07 La Taupe (Présence de Spectre) (0:50)
08 Le Rat (L’Assassinat de Polonius) (0:40)
09 Le Fantôme de la Noyée (1:40)
10 Laertes Overtalking, ou les Funérailles d’Ophélie (2:05)

Total time 13:49
12inch released on Ange Magnetic, France, 1989

Pascal Humbert: composer, bass guitar
Clara Gibson Maxwel: voice
Antoine Campo: voice
Goran Vejvoda: sound

A follow-up to the Théatre Commercial 12 inches I posted earlier, the 1989 ‘Ophelie Song – Opera Minimal’ includes stage director Antoine Campo as well, and is also intended for a theatre play, this time based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. This is French new-wave at its best with bass player and composer Pascal Humbert favouring atmospheric, skeletal Young Marble Giants-like arrangements, while sound engineer Goran Vejvoda cajoles us with obnoxious bass in his mix. Feedback guitar and occasional drum machine complete the music. Serbian Goran Vejvoda is a film soundtrack and stage music composer. He’s the author of a book on Brian Eno published in Serbia in 1986. Cute female vocals courtesy American, Paris-based choreographer Clara Gibson Maxwell. Her website states “the world premiere of Antoine Campo’s Ophélie Song at the Café de la Danse met with a public and critical success in Paris and led to a tour to New York’s La MaMa E.T.C. and the Edinburgh Fringe”. This mini-LP compares nicely with some of Tuxedomoon and Young Marble Giants’ respective releases, I think.



2 Responses to “Ophélie Song ‘Opéra Minimal’”

  1. 1 gidouille August 3, 2009 at 12:00 am

    I love this. Beautiful singing and bass tone, timbre and arpeggios reminiscent at times of those on Arminius.

  2. 2 heather June 14, 2010 at 12:51 am

    Thanks for posting this. I have LP #512 / 1001 but it is nice to finally have the songs in MP3 format as well.

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