Chris Meloche ‘Document 90’

Aeolian Hall, London, Ont., Canada'Document 90' front cover'Document 90' liner notesChris Meloche (b. Windsor, Ont., 1957)

LINK: A Radio Music Performance Without Borders
01 LINK: Part 2 & 3 (19:32)
02 LINK: Part 6& 7 (20:34)

Total time 40:06
LP released by Korm Plastics (KP6196), The Netherlands,  1996

Canadian composer born 1957, specialising in long duration ambient environmental electro-acoustic music, especially designed for radio broadcasts, Chris Meloche started making music in the early 1980s as a member of M104 duo with Werner Albert. During the 1990s, he collaborated with Philip Perkins and UK’s Martin Archer, and now with Herb Bayley in the Outward Sound Ensemble which they co-founded in 2002. The work on this limited LP was premiered and recorded at the London’s Aeolian Hall (pictured above) in 1990 and simultaneously broadcasted on local radio. Shortwave radio is itself the source of all the sounds heard in these tracks, whether used to trigger synthesizers or as occasional, random speech or music excerpts. The music offers a deep immersion into sound textures and floating tonalities, part-ambient, part-collage work. Detailed recording quality rewards high volume listening with elaborate mix and sonic substrata. Interesting comparison with Michael Snow’s 2 Radio Solos, showing infinite possibilities offered by radio waves as source material for musicians.



1 Response to “Chris Meloche ‘Document 90’”

  1. 1 icastico April 3, 2009 at 3:33 pm

    Sound like a good one.

    People who like this may like some of these…

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