Serge De Laubier/Rémi Dury ‘Live Computer Music’

Rémi Dury with KRLp-m-event-s

01 Serge de Laubier ‘Ouverture’ (4:07)
02 Rémi Dury ‘Octo-voce’ (4:06)
03 Serge de Laubier ‘Organa’ (3:59)
04 Augusto Mannis ‘Synergie’ (3:55)
05 Serge de Laubier ‘Sonnerie de l’Arc de Cercle’ (3:51)
06 Rémi Dury ‘Le Chant de l’Hexahèdre’ (6:49)
07 Rémi Dury ‘Automobile’ (2:53)
08 Serge de Laubier ‘Apparition’ (4:42)
09 Rémi Dury ‘Automobile Nocturne’ (3:05)
10 Serge de Laubier ‘Final’ (4:38)
11 Serge de Laubier ‘Procession’ (5:21)
12 Rémi Dury ‘Final’ (2:56)
13 Serge de Laubier ‘Sonnerie des Orgues’ (4:06)
14 Rémi Dury ‘Chant 1’ (6:40)
15 Serge de Laubier ‘Sonnerie de Lumière pt.4’ (4:30)
16 Serge de Laubier ‘Sonnerie de Lumière pt.5’ (4:04)
17 Rémi Dury ‘Cornes Muse’ (4:35)
18 Bernard Parmegiani ‘Au Vif de la Mémoire pt.5+6’ (8:30)
19 Rémi Dury ‘Les Sargasses de Babylone’ (4:57)
20 György Kurtag ‘Cyclone’ (7:03)
21 Rémi Dury ‘Solo’ (2:35)
22 Serge de Laubier ‘Sonnerie de Piano’ (2:31)
23 Serge de Laubier ‘Au Fil Du Temps’ (5:16)
24 Francis Faber ‘Toccata 256’ (7:49)
25 Serge de Laubier ‘Saxo Sonnerie’ (5:29)
26 Rémi Dury ‘Morceaux de Voix’ (2:36)
27 Serge de Laubier ‘Apocalypse’ (9:42)

Total time 2h 10mns
2CD set released on La Grande Fabrique, GF004, 1997

Serge De Laubier is a french instrument builder, music software designer and composer who was a member of INA-GRM until 1998. He created the ‘Meta-Instrument’ (pictured top), a sensor-based [apparatus] controling sounds and/or light via Max/MSP software. Rémi Dury is a french instrument builder and composer. In 2007 he launched the KRL (or Carl, pictured bottom left), a stick with various sensors on its body, allowing the musician to control sounds, lighting effects as well as videos. The cyber-instruments De Laubier and Dury create as Puce-Muse, the name of their recording studio/laboratoy and collective live events, are meant to be viable instruments, possibly of interest to other interprets and composers, thanks to well designed ergonomics. They claim their intruments, especially the KRL, are suitable to disabled people. Their creations embarks influences from musique concrète, multimedia light shows and professional design. This 2CD set documents their output up until 1997, including live recordings of sonic lassos, sonic wands, Meta-Instruments and a few studio compositions for tape. During the 1980s, they used a self-designed software to spread sounds around their 8 speakers PA system, calling these pieces ‘octophonic music’, of course rendered as stero tracks on this CD. Some of the best tracks on this collection are based on enchanting whirling chimes circling around loudspeakers (tr.#6 & 11).



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  1. 2 trakl95 February 19, 2009 at 2:36 am

    Thanx a lot , but….
    depositfiles??? :-((((((

  2. 3 vespucci February 19, 2009 at 10:33 am


    here is a Mediafire mirror for those who complain about Deposit:

    (The upload has been splitted into two parts.)

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