Various ’17 Musiques Pour Le Bar Bleu’


01 Philippe Salicetti ‘Erendira’ (2:21)
02 Philippe Salicetti ‘L’Ange’ (2:22)
03 Cyril Lefebvre & Marie Delbek ‘Berceuse Du Matin’ (4:01)
04 Philippe Roberty ‘Les Jardins Du Bar Bleu’ (3:45)
05 Fred Wallich ‘Vers Vaine’ (2:22)
06 Fred Wallich ‘Teint’ (1:46)
07 Xavier Le Masne ‘Bar De Luxe’ (3:32)
08 Michel Risse ‘Bleu d’Ys’ (3:33)
09 Emilio Antuofermo ‘Expiration’ (1:02)
10 Emilio Antuofermo ‘La Maison De Glace’ (2:35)
11 François Kremer ‘Reminiscences Nocturnes’ (3:31)
12 Hector Zazou Et Ses Rythmes ‘Le Retour Des Braves’ (3:02)
13 Galeshka Moravioff ‘Unsung Song’ (4:10)
14 Daniel Cobbi ‘Reminiscences’ (2:08)
15 Daniel Cobbi ‘Lillith’ (2:34)
16 Joaquim Vidal ‘Lou: Gaïre’ (3:48)
[17 the audience]

Total time 46:30
LP released on Décor De Qualité / Celluloid, 1982

Produced and mixed by Hector Zazou, ’17 Musiques Pour Le Bar Bleu’ includes musicians who were about to embark soon after on landmark Zazou albums like ‘Noir & Blanc’ (1983) , ‘Géographies’ (1984) and ‘Reivax Au Bongo’ (1985) – namely: Fred Wallich, Xavier Le Masne, Philippe Salicetti, Michel Risse and Joaquim Vidal, while Cyril Lefebvre later played on Jac Berrocal’s ‘Hotel Hotel’ (1986). ’17 Musiques…’ is actually the follow-up to a similar project issued 1981 titled ‘Dix-Huit Surprises Pour Noël!’ (on french Scopa De Qualité label), featuring more or less the same musicians. Scopa is the label where ZNR’s ‘Traité De Mécanique Populaire’ appeared in 1980 under the name Scopa Invisible, changing its name to Scopa De Qualité or Décor De Qualité on ’17 Musiques…’. Recorded March 20th, 1982 at Bar Bleu, Théatre National de Chaillot in Paris, this LP is a collection of lush instrumentals (with the occasional Hawaïan song) in a vein comparable to the aforementioned ZNR album or the Made To Measure soundtrack series. Acoustic even neo-classical instruments are prominent throughout the album: piano, horns, classical guitar, string quartet, winds, organ, in these absolutely exquisite, Satie-esque classy melodies. The LP has sixteen tracks but sleevenotes state the audience is the ’17th’ of the title, since this is a live recording from the opening of a show and the audience of the Bar is clearly audible on numerous tracks. Previously on Continuo: Xavier Le Masne was featured in Bekummernis while Galeshka Moravioff appeared here and here. [Music kindly provided by reader Rain. Thanks.]

Download via Mediafire or Sharebee.


3 Responses to “Various ’17 Musiques Pour Le Bar Bleu’”

  1. 1 gamilan January 8, 2009 at 4:28 pm

    I always wanted to listen this album, since I know of its existence (circa mid-eighties)… Unfortunately, Sendspace sucks with “terms of use…”
    Would you be please so kind to upload to any other service?


  2. 2 continuo January 8, 2009 at 6:36 pm

    Hi Gamilan. You now have the benefit of Sharebee’s multiple mirror links to download this great LP. I hope you’ll give us your feeling on the music in a future comment.

  3. 3 gamilan January 19, 2009 at 9:30 pm

    Thank you for re-up! Somehow the title stored in my memory always been “17 Musicians Pour Le Bar Bleu”. It now makes a perfect couple with “17 Musiques”, fitting each other. A very nice way to sink into the sea of dreams and mistaken memories…

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