Marc Lauras ‘Cinq Pivoines Blanches Dans Un Vase’

Cinq Pivoines Blanches Dans Un Vase
01 Part 1 (4:06)
02 Part 2 (6:49)
03 Part 3 (4:15)
04 Part 4 (6:18)
05 Part 5 (4:02)
06 Part 6 (0:44)

Électre Avant La Nuit
07 Part 1 (9:55)
08 Part 2 (6:25)
09 Part 3 (7:12)

Total time 49:30
LP released by GMVL, 1987

Two electroacoustic suites by cellist Marc Lauras, known today for his dance and theater music, as well as puppet shows. This was produced in the GMVL studio (Groupe de Musiques Vivantes de Lyon), similar to GRM but oriented toward live events, children, litterature and sound poetry. This is an LP of minimal musique concrète, with cello a prominent instrument on ‘Électre Avant La Nuit‘, the music for a 1986 theater performance. Side A ‘Cinq Pivoines Blanches Dans Un Vase’ sounds like Pierre Henry at his most sparse and minimalist. It is elaborated from concrète sounds only (sea shells, field recordings, toys, cello drones, metallic objects …). Great attention to details and timbres make for a constantly engaging listening.

Note: the LP is extremely clean and sounds fantastic.



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