Milovan Srdenovic ‘Songs From West Of The Pelvic Girdle’

01 Watchman What Of The Night (2:06)
02 Five Gold Louis (1:57)
03 San Quentin (2:44)
04 120 Degrees (0:39)
05 Zulu Gynaecologist (4:01)
06 Lets Be Frank (2:40)
07 Flesh Crawled Out Of Flash (2:32)
08 Drink Myself Sick (0:54)
09 Angel Of Mercy (1:55)
10 Our Eyes Met (4:20)
11 Ride A Cock Horse (1:59)
12 Frogfish Tail (2:56)
13 Diz’s Matches (0:46)
14 Son Of Hellhole Billygoat (3:42)
15 Vance Hotel (1:12)
16 Dont Grouse About The Turkeys Dont Beef About Their Bull (2:44)
17 Pig Stealin Man (1:10)
18 From Rags To Riches From Bags To Bitches (2:36)
19 Looking At The World Through The Bottom Of A Glass (1:19)

Total time 42:00
LP released on Freedom From, 1998

There is a kind of perfection only a clown can achieve and there is indeed perfection in Srdenovic’s efforts to reconfigure the dirty blues idiom, since this LP is actually a straight blues effort, albeit with weird, repulsive lyrics – something early bluesmen where familiar with, though.‘You made a monkey out of me’, says Milovan Srdenovic on track#3 and while this is no excuse for the kind of inept and embarassing songs he’s playing on this album (check ‘Zulu Gynaecologist’ for instance), this is as apt a description as any other. The more minimal the better when it comes to blues songwriting, and some skeletal songs on this LP are based on 2- to 3-notes guitar chords, even one-note amazingly on one track. A few of these songs (ie tr.#6, 10 & 12) appeared on the Davy Walklett 1990 cassette I posted some time ago, evidence of permeability between the man’s multiple aliases. Hence there is a chance this 1998 LP is a retrospective album, since some songs appear to be 10 years old. B&w pictures show Srdenovic’s associate Diz Willis in performance – wearing socks with stripes on the bottom picture. No surprise these british eccentrics eventually united in some Smell & Quim performances of typical (?) Yorkshire hysteria. Thanks to reader Phil for the music.



2 Responses to “Milovan Srdenovic ‘Songs From West Of The Pelvic Girdle’”

  1. 1 Nenad Vujić September 28, 2008 at 5:28 am

    excellent job Continuo :]

    finaly I have the 2 last songs+Zulu Gynaecologist, all of which weren’t available in the previous web-circulating rip of this superb roots-bloose record :D

    has the time come for the world to finaly hear ‘Auto Da Fé / La Semaine D’Une Somnambuliste’ of Eva Perouk, Srdenovic’s earliest solo effort [released in 1985] ? do you have it, possibly?

  2. 2 continuo September 28, 2008 at 8:12 am

    Hi Nenad, I’m looking for ‘La Semaine D’une Somnanbuliste’ as well. As soon as I get a copy, I ‘ll post it on Continuo.

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