VO – Musiques Pour Un Film Imaginaire

01 Cap Au Sud (4:59)
02 No Pasaran (1:47)
03 Echos D’un Tango Sous La Pluie (5:28)
04 No Pasaran (fin) (1:59)
05 Accident Sur L’autoroute A3 (4:16)
06 Quelques Façons D’organiser L’angoisse (6:06)
07 Suivez Mon Regard (1:45)
08 Batucada Pour Sifflets Et Oscillateurs (3:15)
09 Suivez Mon Regard (fin) (2:47)
10 Bête Et Méchant (3:47)

Total time 36:06
Cassette released by Tago Mago, 1985

Another gem from the ever inspired Tago Mago catalogue, here’s VO‘s ‘Musiques Pour Un Film Imaginaire’. VO stands for ‘Version Originale’ and was the project of Richard Jacobsohn (pictured left), an Argentinian born musician studying electroacoustic music in Paris from 1979 on and then teaching electroacoustic music at the university. He nowadays teaches music in a conservatory and plays in a salsa/latin-jazz band called ‘Cap Au Sud’. At one point (beginning of the 1990s) the VO band included 4 to 5 members but on this installment the core members are Richard Jacobsohn and Daniel Chatelain on percussion. This cassette is a collection of instrumental songs with a cinematographic mood (hence the title ‘Music for An Imaginary Film’), a perfectly produced blend of electronic funk, jazzy saxophone and cinematographic moods. The openning track (‘Cap Au Sud’) opens with an irresistibly funky number for keyboards and sax, an intoxicating instrumental Jacobsohn still performs on stage today. The use of vintage synthesizers gives the music a timeless feeling, not necessarily mid-eighties, like on tracks #3 & 4 with their ambient minimal electronics occasionaly augmented by dreamy flute. It is also a concept-cassette with each track showcasing a different mood one is free to associate with movie sequences. Excellent instrumental songwriting and elaborate arrangements.



3 Responses to “VO – Musiques Pour Un Film Imaginaire”

  1. 2 continuo September 22, 2008 at 9:31 am

    Merci, Rainier. On se boit un coup à Bastille un de ces jours ?

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