Patrick Lombe ‘Nuit Du 31 Décembre’

01 Nuit Du 31 Décembre (19:35)

CDr released by Tanzprocesz, 2008 [+]

Patrick Lombe is a young french painter/drawer from Marseille and part of a loose artists commune from the area gathered around ‘Le Dernier Cri’ publisher. He is also a member of noise music band ‘Placenta Popeye’. The music on this very unusual solo effort is on a par with Lombe’s visual art: colorfull, undecipherable, untaught art. The first section of ‘Nuit Du 31 Décembre’ (New Year’s Eve) is based on slowed down, backward, treated vocals, while the second part (from 11:00 in) is fragmentary blues singing w/ looped accompanyment and acoustic guitar. This unclassifiable music sounds primitive and unceremonious throughout. For instance, during the first 4 minutes of this recording the sound comes from the left channel only – no need to check your equipment! Generally speaking left and right channels are split with different music coming from each other. This is ‘Musique Chauve’ of the 21st century, as defined by Jean-Pierre Armengaud writing about Jean Dubuffet’s musical explorations (that’s to say: ‘Bald Music’ which for Armengaud means pataphysical, anarchistic and bruitist music. In the same 1991 book he also dubbed Dubuffet’s experiments as ‘a-musique’). And indeed Lombe’s music sounds fresh because he is and acts like an untaught musician. The result is gripping and fascinating.



2 Responses to “Patrick Lombe ‘Nuit Du 31 Décembre’”

  1. 1 Dave M September 6, 2008 at 4:40 pm

    Your amazing blog never ceases to, well, amaze me. I look forward to hearing this one. Thanks very much!

  2. 2 continuo September 6, 2008 at 6:20 pm

    Thank you Dave and for signaling the faulty link as well. It’s fixed now. Prime is scheduled for next week only. Sorry! I’m not used to Saturday posts I guess!

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