Various ‘Intermedia – Soundworks 1990-2000’

01 Aileen Lambert ‘Bated’ (3:52)
02 Paul Dutton ‘Inex’ (4:07)
03 Paul Dutton ‘Little Sound – A Sonnet’ (0:45)
04 Berkus ‘Dreamdance’ (5:00)
05 Roger Gregg ‘Hupnouse – Preshow Segment’ (2:34)
06 Roger Gregg ‘Begrudgania Marching Band’ (1:25)
07 Michel Deneuve (from Baschet Brothers) ‘Source Critstalline’ (5:33)
08 Max Eastley ‘5,000 Square Feet’ (4:11)
09 Scanner ‘Beacon’ (5:24)
10 Danny McCarthy ‘Radio-Radio’ (2:46)
11 Sean Ohuigin ‘And Then The Earth Sorrows’ (3:54)
12 David Toop ‘Li-Shang Yin’ (4:42)
13 Nine Wassies From Bainne ‘Bring Me The Head Of Donncha Dublin’ (5:57)
14 Tony Sheehan ‘Zepher (for Mutus Liber)’ (4:05)
15 Repetitive Strain Industries ‘Collateral Damage’ (6:35)
16 Colin Fallows ‘In A’ (3:01)

Total time: 63:00
Promotional CD released 2000

The Triskel Arts Centre is a Cork art venue in Ireland, responsible for the Intermedia Festival, a month-long program of sound art exhibitions and live performances. Their activities also include a World Book Festival and a French Film Festival. Intermedia participants among the years have included Philip Jeck, Max Eastley, David Toop or Pan Sonic. This not for sale CD commemorates a decade of sound art with contributions from mostly British and Irish artists. The excellent selection includes sound poetry, electronica and electroacoustic music. The disc opens with 3 sound poetry pieces. Aileen Lambert builds her sound piece with sounds from her breath and percussion from her chest. The Paul Dutton track that follows fittingly starts with breathing sounds from his own nose. Dutton is a canadian sound poet and member of the CCMC trio along Michael Snow and John Oswald. Mp3s of some of Dutton’s sound poetry can be found at his PennSound page. The 2 Roger Gregg tracks are exquisite synth music, the first one a beautiful ambient track a la Brian Eno with harmonica and electronics, the 2nd one nodding at the Hawaii National Guard anthem from Martin Denny’s Taboo 2 album. See Gregg’s biography here. Several contributions (eg Berkus, Scanner,…) mix field recordings with sound effects to achieve the kind of electronic urban soundscapes familiar from the illbient movement. Other participants use treated vocals to create unsettling mindscapes like Danny McCarthy and Sean Ohuigin. Local Dublin bands Nine Wassies From Bainne and Repetitive Strain Industries, both including the ubiquitous Fergus Kelly [+], contibute sound collages with improvisations from home-build and real instruments.


Aileen Lambert, Paul Dutton,
Roger Gregg, Fergus Kelly,
Colin Fallows, Sean Ohuigin


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