Rafael Toral live Paris 2008

Live March 21st, 2008 at Cité de la Musique, Paris
Duration: 31:43
Personal recording.

Playing his home-build modular synth with custom amplifier, sensors and theremin, Rafael Toral (b.1967) performs a kind of retrofuturist sonata, as part of his Space Studies series. Apart from tweaking the knobs of the little monophonic organ, Toral modulates some of the electronic sounds with his hand in a gesture familiar from theremin players. At times the music sounds like an outtake from the Baron’s Forbidden Planet, and at times like early experiments in ur-electronica by Stockhausen and colleagues from the Köln studio. Anyway, this is a retake on 1950s experimental electronic music, except it is performed live and not painstakingly assembled from hours of oscillator sounds on tape. After a minimal and mysterious introduction, the music gets pretty amazing and weird in the second half of the show. [above: YouTube video with accompanying music by Toral]

Download (link removed).


1 Response to “Rafael Toral live Paris 2008”

  1. 1 ochyming August 10, 2008 at 7:00 pm

    He was one of my fav guitarists!
    Still one of my fav musicians!


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