Arnulf Rainer & Dieter Roth ‘Ratio-Konditio gespräch’

Music submitted by Rainier. Thanks.

‘Hart Ins Gericht, Zart Ins Gesicht
Anlasslich der austellung der Gruppe Ratio-Konditio’

01 Side one (03:51)
02 Side two (03:53)

Recorded in Wien, March 17th, 1979
7” released by Edition Lebeer-Hossmann, Germany, pressing: 500

From 1973 to 1980, german artist Dieter Roth and Austrian Arnulf Rainer worked together producing photos, paintings, drawings and films. As far as I can tell, this 7” single is a radio interview where both talk of their current exhibition in Wien, as part of their ‘Ratio-Konditio’ activities as a duo. More an artist’s record than sound art per se then, this is an unceremonious, lively conversation with many strange extraneous noises – maybe our german speaking readers could help figuring out what they are talking about? More info here (in german). Dieter Roth released many records, cassettes and videos, including ‘Die Radiosonate’ LP in 1978 and the ‘Piano Pieces’ LP in 1979, or the ‘Accu-Sonate 1-10’ box-set including 10 endless audio tapes, 1992 (on sale here for €12,000 ; most expensive tapework ever?).


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