Théatre Commercial ‘Spectacle Commercial’

Music submitted by Rainier. Thanks.

01 Mauvais rêve (1:12)
02 Conversation (1;07)
03 Les Enfants de la Bière (1:08)
04 Cérémonie (1:07)
05 La Dynastie (1:13)
06 Voyage Immobile (1:11)
07 Voyage Enchanté (1:09)
08 Magie (1:09)
09 Eskimo (1:06)
10 Silence Une Minute (1:26)

Total time: 11:50
12” released 1985 on Repli Strategic (Picture Wave Records)

Théatre Commercial was a french quatuor including Catherine Rimbaud, Guillaume Loizillon, Antoine Campo and Jean-Pierre Chalbos. This 12” is the music to a theater performance. The sound is certainly typical from french new-wave (think Art & Technique, for instance), but this is almost a concept album, with on-going narration throughout. Antoine Campo is now a full-time stage director. He’s said to have written and directed ‘Théatre Commercial’ [+]. Guillaume Loizillon was already mentioned before on Continuo [+]. Jean-Pierre Chalbos is a famous parisian producer running a reknowned recording studio, and occasional member of Patrick Muller’s improv big band: L’Orchestre Inachevé, along Loizillon. Delightful hommage to The Residents on track #9.



2 Responses to “Théatre Commercial ‘Spectacle Commercial’”

  1. 1 daniel70 April 2, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    Hi – many thanks for this one (although i have dl-ed it from another blog, it appears to have been taken from yours which predates the respective post that i culled it from by six months; whichever way, my thanks to you and to the other blogger(s) whose delvings into the subconscious of musical history deliver us with such fruits as this… : ))

  2. 2 continuo April 3, 2009 at 12:34 pm

    You’re welcome.

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