Rusty Warren ‘Knockers Up! 1976’

01 Rusty Lays It On The Line (24:35)
02 Am I Getting Old? (22:56)

Total time: 47:30
Recorded live at The Landmark, Dallas, Texas
LP released 1975 on Crescendo Records

Rusty Warren‘s carreer in risqué stand-up comedy started in the 1940s, her sexual jokes appealing to middle-class couples and healthy women at a time when sex was not a fashionable subject in society in the US – or elsewhere, for that matter. Her landmark LP was 1969’s ‘Knockers Up!’. I assume this ‘Knockers Up! 1976’ is a follow-up to this previous hit. By coincidence, this LP was released (almost) the same year as ‘The Hite Report on Female Sexuality’, published 1976 by a then young researcher, Shere Hite. Rusty Warren’s concerns fits rather well with the books revelations on women’s sexuality. I first read about Rusty Warren in the 2 volumes of Andrea Juno and Vic Vale’s ‘Incredibly Strange Music’ (1994). I admire Rusty Warren’s larger than life character and ability to make women laugh on depressing subjects. Females in the audience nod approvingly, laugh out loud and speak to the entertainer, evidence that Warren is on the same wavelength as her audience, and she’s able to help them relax on stressful concerns. Her feminism appear rather superficial, though, limited as it is to dirty parts and boobs, never extending its range to social or political concerns. She would never dare talk about money and women’s wag es, for instance. This is feminism that could even appeal to men – so that, in a final analysis, this is not feminism at all. Anyhow, I confess some of the jokes here makes me laugh, that’s why I’m passing this rather hilarious LP on Continuo. ‘Good evening, Dallas!…’



1 Response to “Rusty Warren ‘Knockers Up! 1976’”

  1. 1 jardim July 22, 2008 at 12:53 pm

    I know her from the Incredibly Strange Music collection only. This should be fun. Thanks.-

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