Noid ‘Ausflug ins Grüne’ 7”

01 Auf Der Wiese (04:24)
02 Die Seele Baumeln Lassen (07:11)

7” single released 2006 by Klang Galerie (ref. gg103)

Austrian cello player Noid (real name Arnold Haber) tend to shy away from any improvisation music clichés on this engaging, debut single. Wether finger-picking or playing with a bow, the range of sounds he emits is nothing short of arresting. On side one, Noid sounds as if he learned to play the cello from a Xenakis noise piece while being no stranger to William Parker’s dirtiest tricks. The instrument is a mere noise machinery in his hands, you’d swear you’re hearing the pipes and mechanical parts being fixed by a giant technician. On the flip side, an altogether more relaxed affair, varied textures are created with the use of the bow until, near the end of the side (starting 05:50), the sound gets so weird you can’t help believe it must be electronically produced, or at least electronically processed. Elsewhere, Noid is exploring the fluttering harmonics of bass strings through small gestures from his bow and close recording. A rather dry-sounding recording only adds to the dessicated atmosphere. ‘Ausflug ins Grüne’ is a solo cello disc that will appeal more likely to concrete music fans than improv devotees.



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