Mike Shannon ‘Tourniquet of Roses’

01 In The Desert Where There Is No Silence (3:54)
02 Moving As Silouettes (9:12)
03 Afternoon Circular Night (5:57)
04 I Don’t Know If You’re Still There (3:32)
05 Little Red Shoulder (1;15)
06 Thunder Caravan (2:21)
07 Symbol (4:39)
08 Tomohawk Diplomacy (30:37)

Total time: 60mns
Cassette released 1991 by Joy Street Studios.

Mike Shannon started making music in the late 1960s in Florida, before moving to San Francisco in 1977. There he joined forces with The Appliances, Plateau Ensemble (Robert Horton), Animist Orchestra (Jeph Jerman) or Earnerve, taking part in multifarious improv/noise sessions. I previously posted his first released tape, ‘Into a deeper unknown’ (1979), a flute+percussion+voice recording in the reverberant spaces of an abandonned bunker on the West Coast. ‘Tourniquet of Roses’ was created with real instruments as well (flute, bass and electric guitar, ethnic violin, percussion, gongs), and most of side A sounds like a one-man Zoviet-France, for its ethnic, pseudo-primitive, unceremonious live sessions. Several tracks have a cold-wave bass guitar backbone giving depth to the ethnic elements. The track called ‘Symbol’ reminds me of Max Neuhaus’ Earle Browne Realizations on amplified solo cymbal (pun intended, maybe). Side B is a tape collage from found sounds, interviews and documentary films. Reminiscent of Frazer Hall’s project Blackhumour, in his use of massage parlor tapes (see ‘Penetration’ cassette, 1989), ‘Tomahawk Diplomacy’ soon gets hypnotical to this listener. ‘Tourniquet’ is a great tape by an under-documented musician.



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