Big City Orkestre ‘Drone Gnomes’

01 Cockiness Breeds Carelessness (14:32)
02 Rope Coiling Log (14:42)

10” marble-blue vynil
Released on Drone Records
Substantia Innominata sub-series, SUB-05, 2006

Another perfect cut on Drone Records’ Substantia Innominata sublabel.
Big City Orchestra
is a communal, shoe-gazing noise collective from San Francisco, Calif., with a pretty varied and large output. Side A is a pastoral, collective improvisation where BCO plays repetitive, spacey ethnic music with percussion, flute and female vocals a la Gong. Side B is a darker affair, with droning electronic, low rumbles and a liberal use of reverb. On this ten inch, Big City Orkestre were: Ninah Pixie, Jesse Burson, Kerri Pidnow, Peter Martin, Melissa Margolis, Mike Dringenberg and Das.


2 Responses to “Big City Orkestre ‘Drone Gnomes’”

  1. 1 bravojuju July 7, 2008 at 3:24 pm

    Some of the BCO output is great, and so should be this one. The usual thanks.

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