Frédéric Acquaviva ‘A Flor Encarnada’

01 Serra De Mira (5:35)
02 A Flor Encarnada (5:56)
03 Bestial (4:16)
04 Figueira Ardente (2:45)
05 Trevas (2:46)
06 Pepa (3:30)
07 Cova Da Iria (1:58)
08 Ossário De Cinza (5:57)
09 Borboleta (1:11)
10 Comó Está Longe O Tempo Do Amor (6:08)
11 Um Dia Sem Fim (2:21)
12 Meu Gatinho (7:48)

Total time: 50:00
CD released on Body Soul/MSI, 1994

Gorgeous suite of tracks composed by french Frédéric Acquaviva for portuguese choreographer/danser Maria Faustino (both pictured above). Using real instruments like violin, accordion, classical & electric guitars, as well as samplers and electronics, Acquaviva creates haunting soundscapes and beautiful melodies, wary of making his instruments sound in an unusual way, be it by how he plays them, or the kind of sound processing he surrounds them with. For instance, the way he uses reverb reminds that of Riuychi Sakamoto’s Love Is The Devil soundtrack, especially on last track here. In his compositions, Acquaviva achieves a perfect balance between electronic and acoustic instruments, un-processed and electronicaly treated sounds, the kind of achievement best exemplified by Steven Brown or Daniel Shell & Caro records on Crammed Discs during the 1980s. The voice of Faustino (mostly spoken words) on several tracks add exotic color and a distinct charm. Born 1967, Acquaviva has composed for radio, theater, danse and poetry readings ; he is a specialist of Lettrism and sound poetry, particularly Isidore Isou (whose symphonies he orchestrated), Henri Chopin or Maurice Lemaitre, to whom he dedicated radio programs.



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