Rummaging the web #6

A regular survey of internet resources.

Philippe Vilain, is a field recordist from Belgium. His web page (in french) offers many mp3s including rivers, rain and storm recordings. Particularly striking are the mp3s of his experiments with a microphone inside a beehive. The close-up sound of bees is mind blowing.

Australian Jodi Rose‘s Singing Bridges project is a worlwide collection of bridge recordings (picture above: Jodi playing the cables). She offers a bunch of tracks for preview, including 3 bridges proper (Sidney, Helsinki, San Francisco), an electroacoustic work based on bridge recordings, and a Jacob Kirkegaard remix. Beautiful concrete music in ambient industrial mood.

Christine Webster is a french electroacoustic music composer who was featured on the ‘Hommage à Jacques Perdereau’ CD I posted last week. On, she mirrors and updates some of her Second Life ‘immersive music concerts’. Smashed Oysters’ and Tansgendering sounds’ are 2 ambient electroacoustic music compositions (30′ and 18′) available for download. Non-dogmatic electroacoustic music, with occasional hints at illbient (remember DJ Olive and the NY Asphodel label?), when a smooth rhythm track is added on Smashed Oysters’

Sonatura is a field recordist french magazine coming with a CD. #10 include sound works (mostly frog recordings from around the world) by Yannick Dauby, Emmanuel (Manu) Holterbach from Orbes duo, Olivier and Marc Namblard, etc. This page offers short excerpts from the CD with tracks ranging from picturesque to unbelievable. The Holterbach track is apparently a bird field recording, with added electronic, high pitched, chimmering sounds, whose 1mn excerpt is just beautiful.

Max Jacob, from Italy, composes incidental music for theater and movies and offers many mp3s on his/their website. I especially enjoyed ‘September’, a 2008 movie soundtrack, including 3 compositions for solo instruments. The 2nd track, ‘Bassi’, is a gorgeous bass guitar improvisation, very mysterious and primitive/ethnic sounding. The 3rd track, ‘Sfregamenti’, for electric guitar, verges on the Fred Frith side. The soundtrack to the Marco Mazzi film ‘Voyager’ is also wonderfull (pictured above), using processed acoustic guitar, piano and field recordings to mesmerizing effect. Very good. [Link from an Online Music Resources post. Thanks]

A 4 tracks ep by our man Pascal Comelade, ‘Aigua de Florida’ collects unreleased tracks from 1988-99. Typical Comelade with gorgeous artwork. Site also hosts a 2005 Pierre Bastien live recording, from the Gamatzen catalan venue.


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