Various ‘Hommage à Jacques Perdereau’

01 Kristoff K-Roll ‘Jacques le Propagandiste – Portrait en Forme de Rebus’ (12:16)
02 Aka Bondage ‘E-lettrism’ (04:13)
03 Black Sifichi ‘Yours Faithfully’ (03:55)
04 Christine Webster ‘A Metaphysical Layback’ (10:21)
05 Costes ‘Tête De Mort’ (03:29)
06 Dragibus ‘A Dos de Chameau’ (03:16)
07 Jean-François Pauvros ‘Sans Titre’ (08:16)
08 Mika Pusse ‘Vide’ (04:24)
09 D.E.F. ‘ A Last Glass of White Wine’ (07:13)
10 Joël Hubaut+L’Orchestre Inachevé ‘Pour Jacques’ (20:07)

Total time: 77:28
CD coming with french anarchist magazine ‘Anartiste’ #4, Paris, July 2004.
Reissued as a free CD by Epsilonia/Radio Libertaire, Paris, 2008

Super fine compilation of french electroacoustic music, spoken word, art-rock songs and free-whatever music. Friends of the late radio activist Jacques Perdereau (1953-2003, pictured here) all contribute cutting edge, uncompromizing music – approprietely enough, the best compliment to his memory. Perdereau launched the famous Paris radio show ‘Epsilonia’ [link] on Radio Libertaire in 1986, devoted to experimental music, from industrial to electronica, from free-jazz to whatever pleased the numerous participants to the 2-hour long radioshow. This show is still a vital presence on the Paris experimental music scene, with its live sessions, new releases round ups and concert info. Participants on the CD were all familiar to the show as guest performers during Epsilonia’s radio sessions or live events. The duo of Christophe and Carole Rieussec, aka Kristoff K. Roll, perform their usual mix of field recordings, found sounds, interviews and readings, in an ambitious aural portrait, many sounds and words alluding to Perdereau’s life. Their clever mix displays great control and timing, building up on a few sounds only in the course of its 12mns. I was really interested by Christine Webster‘s electroacoustic music, a new name to me. I since learned she performs her music on Second Life during ‘immersive music concerts’ – unfortunately I’m not familiar with this parallel universe. Her track here is a gorgeous, mysterious and serene mix of electronic sounds. This is pristine electroacoustic studio work, on a par with my beloved Christine Groult, whose last CD ‘Etincelles’ (Motus) is on heavy rotation here these days. Black Sifichi is performing a nice, restrained text piece with sound effects, at times not unlike a Robert Ashley impersonation – Ashley’s Tourette syndrome made him speak in indecipherable utterings, an ability used to good effect on Automatic Writing (1979). Jean-Louis Costes and Dragibus contribute 2 exquisite songs showing emotion and respect for the dedicatee, the latter an adorable children rhyme song adapted for rock trio. Jean-François Pauvros is on solo guitar+effects, sometimes played with arco to mesmerizing effect, for a mournful improvisation on the instrument. The addition of grotesque, distorted vocals around 6:00 is a total surprise. D.E.F. is droning music. L’Orchestre Inachevé is an electroacoustic music ensemble led by Patrick Müller, who studied with Luc Ferrari. They’re joined here by Joël Hubault for an epic sound poetry 20mns tour de force.



1 Response to “Various ‘Hommage à Jacques Perdereau’”

  1. 1 jardim June 13, 2008 at 12:24 pm

    Very promising. Can’t wait to hear this.
    Many thanks again

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