Shub-Niggurath ‘Live’

01 Océan (8:36)
02 Prométhée Foudroyé (4:47)
03 Phineos 1 (3:55)
04 Phineos 2 (2:58)
05 Variation (9:45)

Total time: 30:00
Live recording Paris 1989.
Released 1989 on Auricle (Ultima Thule), UK

Alain Ballaud: electric bass
Sylvette Claudet: voice
Jean-Luc Herve: electric guitar
Michel Kervinio: drums
Jean-Pierre Lourdeau: voice
Véronique Verdier: bass trombone, percussion

Shub-Niggurath was a French band with a various membership, led by Jean-Luc Hervé, creating zeuhl music, akin to Magma and Univers Zero’s first recordings. Their lugubrious music has echoes of Stravinsky, Xenakis’ orchestral music and Messiaen’s symphonic and vocal style. Oppressive bass guitar and pounding drums are prominent on most tracks, while others are led by bass trombone, guitar or male/female vocals. First a keyboard player in earlier incarnations, Jean-Luc Hervé was forced to take on guitar parts for this release after the demise of Frank Fromy. His guitar playing is fierce and relentless. This is ambitious, large scale rock music, its darkness only the surface of it. Not for everyone, not for every day, this live show must have been an impressive experience. Fellow blogger Zeuhl and Beyond just posted their 1991 ‘C’étaient de Très Grands Vents’, CD on Muséa. [Note: pictured above is an unrelated b&w poster for an H.P. Lovecraft exhibition that fits the music quite well]


. . . . . . . . . .


1985 self-titled self-released cassette
1987 ‘Les Morts Vont Vite’ LP on Muséa (reissue CD Muséa/Gazul Records 1997)
1988 ‘Dithyrambe’ LP (split w/ Sleaze Art)
1989 ‘Live’, cassette release, Auricle
1991 ‘C’étaient de Très Grands Vents’, CD on Muséa
2003 ‘Testament’ CD, Muséa/Gazul Records (archive recordings 1992-94)


1 Response to “Shub-Niggurath ‘Live’”

  1. 1 Flor Fueyo December 19, 2008 at 8:44 pm

    Greetings from Mexico, you have interesting music, I didn’t new about this Shub Niggurath album… I’ve really enjoy it.

    There’s a band from Mexico that I think you would like, if you like, I can send you some tracks.

    I leave you mi mail:

    and the band myspace:

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