(Infected Wound) Ein Experiment ‘Traumpfad’

Traumpfad – A Travelogue In Three Acts

Act I: An Indian’s Death’s Sounds
01 Dead Slow (3:05)
02 The Sexless God (1:27)
03 Our Sleeping Mother Yamuna (2:52)
04 Aqua: Vita Mortis (2:39)
05 Ignis: Mors Vitae (3:40)
06 Leichenwasser (3:32)
07 Namaste (2:37)
08 Bang Lassi (6:34)

Act II: Everything That Exists is Transitory and Perishable
09 Everything That Exists is Transitory and Perishable (1:06)
10 Zauberwald IMMORTALIUM (3:38)
11 Über Eine Neue Form Der Schönheit (5:32)

Act III: Ritibetual
12 The Consequences of Trying to Raise Heaven (2:04)
13 Sangyip (2:45)
14 S. S. Parle (1:38)
15 Truth Shall Prevail (4:44)

Total time: 47:47
LP released 1993 on Monstrum Humanum, limited to 500 exs.

German Sascha Karminski, a therapist at the Treatment Centre for the Victims of Torture in Berlin (BZFO), is a regular visitor in India and Tibet, especially at Dharamsala, India, where he visits tibetans in exile. In his music project I: wound – formerly (Infected Wound) Ein Experiment, he uses field recordings, locally found sounds and elements from indian culture and spirituality. His music blends location recordings with electronics, processed vocals, poetry, ritual/ethnic music, occasionaly guitar or bass. It seems India was quite a revelation to Karminski at the beginning of the 1990s, acting as a mind opener regarding spirituality, drugs, death cult or homosexuality. Hence, his first LP, ”Traumpfad’ (meaning a path of dreams, as far as I know) sounds like a rite of passage from teen age to adulthood on the occasion of a trip to India. The LP is rather varied, with hints at concrete music, sound collage a la Nurse With Wound, apocalyptic folk a la Death In June/Current 93, flute, sound effects, etc. On a side note, Ira Cohen’s photos [+] and the text‘Bombay Boogie Woogie’ [+] are a perfect match to Travelogue, conveying India’s smells, colors, weirdness and mystic. Truly an excellent LP, just a bit hard to describe.



1 Response to “(Infected Wound) Ein Experiment ‘Traumpfad’”

  1. 1 jardim May 19, 2008 at 9:56 pm

    sounds promising.

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