Milovan Srdenovic ‘Voodoo Bastard’

01 The Last True Fact (10:06)
02 Sierra Diablos (05:48)
03 The Couch (04:53)
04 Esirper (02:14)
05 Voodoo Bastard (04:10)
06 Messianic Breakfast (14:45)
07 Reprise (05:06)
Total time: 47:00
K7 released 1997 on Dreizehn, Germany (originaly self-released by the artist)

Art brut industrial music out of West Yorkshire, England, by the infamous and unpredictable Milovan Srdenovic, aka Eva Perouk, Davy Walklett, Golden Testicle of God, and half of Smell & Quim duo. When britons go berserk, man, it’s serious! Check it out on these Smell & Quim and Srdenovic solo videos. One comment on Srdenovic goes like this: ‘the macabre yawp of an English folk artist who sings sweetly about slashing his wrists’. Those of you familiar with the Davy Walklett cassette I posted earlier will recognise his abject, nonsensical lyrics, the quiet pace while delivering his outrageous rants, his guitar playing with roots in c&w. The sound on ‘Voodoo Bastard’ is muffled throughout, as if recorded with microphones buried underground – especially on track #2, sounding like an underwater Throbbing Gristle. Maybe this is part of a concept, what he calls the ‘semi-audibility of faraway’ on ‘The Last True Fact’. Religion is the target of many bitter and insulting lyrics here and some tracks on the subject are obviously overlong – ‘Messianic Breakfast’, for instance. Keep in mind Srdenovic is an apt musician, being part of the great english band Rimarimba, more structured and song-like, akin to some Rock In Opposition bands. On a side note, I understand there is a possibility this website is Srdenovic/Smell & Quim related. [The b&w picture above is from an unrelated Srdenovic LP]


3 Responses to “Milovan Srdenovic ‘Voodoo Bastard’”

  1. 1 Phil Mahoney September 7, 2008 at 5:20 am

    Great post. About five years ago, a friend gave me a burned cd titled “Songs from the West of the Pelvic Girdle.” The artist was identified (in Sharpie) as Milovan Srdenovic. Over the years, I’ve grown to love this album, but there is so little information about Srdenovic out there. Do you know if this is, in fact, one of his recordings? Where can I get more of this stuff?

  2. 2 continuo September 7, 2008 at 8:02 am

    This is indeed a Srdenovic recording and is given due credit on Smell & Quim’s discography. Some of their records and side projects appear sometimes on eBay. I would be interested if you could upload your CD and share it with us. Thanks for your interest.

  3. 3 Phil Mahoney September 7, 2008 at 5:11 pm

    Hey continuo, thanks for the info. I would be delighted to upload the disc, but I might need some direction. Not very good with this technology stuff–me smash keys with biggum fist!

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