Various ‘Trois Lapins’ (1988)

Various \'Trois Lapins\' (1988)
Various \'Trois Lapins\' alternate cover

01 Serge Korjanevski ‘Quand J’ai Voulu Sortir : Trop Tard’ (1:28)
02 Les Guelass ‘La Valse Des Guelass’ (4:26)
03 Serge Korjanevski ‘La Valse Des Poucets’ (1:02)
04 Nostalgie Eternelle ‘Blue World’ (5:10)
05 Pierre Bastien ‘Au Negresco’ (2:46)
06 Serge Korjanevski ‘Lol V.Stein’ (2:29)
07 Harald Schluck And The Spechte ‘The Chicken’s Waltz’ (1:49)
08 Harald Schluck And The Spechte ‘In Osterreich’ (1:15)
09 Hermaphrodisiak ‘Le Coeur Des Simples’ (2:57)
10 Juan Creek ‘No Me Gusta El Confort’ (1:56)
11 Serge Korjanevski ‘Intérieurs’ (1:35)
12 The Twins ‘You Mean Everything To Me: A Waltz’ (3:34)
13 Cripure S.A. ‘Oryctolagus Cunniculus’ (3:20)
14 Poutchatcha ‘Le Soldat Inconnu’ (2:15)
15 Jean-Paul, Jean-Louis, Marcel et Les Autres! ‘Darwin And The Monkey’ (1:48)
16 Co-Mix ‘Néas Chilckilg’ (2:05)
17 Jean-Pierre Nouillon ‘Je cherche à comprendre la réponse obsédante à mes questions (cette force inquiétante qui nous attire vers le fond)’ (3:49)
18 Uli Nass ‘Cara-Walza’ (1:21)
19 Globin Treeflip ‘The Family I Fear (tango)’ (2:50)
20 Folie Neubourg ‘Jungle Vodoo’ (1:54)
21 Folie Neubourg ‘Jour De Pluie’ (1:30)
22 L’Edarps A Moth ‘Kommt Mit!’ (4:07)
23 Harald Schluck And The Spechte ‘Schenk Nochmal Ein’ (1:53)
24 F/i ‘Electric Waltz (Extrait)’ (3:10)

Total time: 60:14
Cassette released by Underground Production (Eric Chabert) UP06, 1988
The yellow cover has a Klimperei drawing, the alternate blue one is by Zaza.

‘Trois Lapins’ is the last in a series of landmark compilation cassettes collecting waltzes according to various european home-tapers. The project is similar to that of ‘An Der Schönen Blauen Donau’ LP on Belgium’s Home Produkt, that is: contemporary, ironical takes on old-fashioned european dances. ‘Un Lapin’ launched the series in 1986, #2 ‘Deux Lapins’ in 1987 and #3 ‘Trois Lapins’ appeared in 1988, on Eric Chabert’s Underground Production – who issued the Davy Walklett tape I posted a while ago. The cover exemplifies Klimperei’s Christophe Petchanatz obsession with rabbits during the 1980s and most of the 1990s. These tapes acquired more or less cult status along the years, so much so that french Jardin Au Fou is planning to revive the series with 21st century takes on waltzes for a future CD release. The kind of music featured on ‘Trois Lapins’ is european avant-rock a la Look De Book, Bene Gesserit or swiss Débile Menthol, with a decidedly home-taping flavor. Genres include sailor song (Les Guelass), german drinking song (Harald Schluck And The Spechte), chanson realiste (The Twins), depressive song (Nostalgie Eternelle), some new wave efforts (Poutchatcha, Jean-Pierre Nouillon), some ambient synth as well (Serge Korjanevski), etc.Serge Korjanevski is a french musician who contributed to the Philippe Cauvin LP I posted last year. ‘Au Negresco’ by Pierre Bastien is a live recording of automatons playing various string instruments, actually sounding like an outtake from ADN Tapes LP ‘Mecanium’, released 1988 as well. Klimperei is probably included as well under some undisclosed (to me) pseudonym. Cripure S.A. was Thierry Galaï, a guitar player form the Grenoble area, also included here under his Hermaphrodisiak alias. The germans The Spechte, L’Edarps A Moth and Globin Treeflip included here really deliver some great tracks. My guess is most band names are pseudonyms for better-known european home-tapers. The inclusion of US psychedelic guitar band F/i is a nice addition, suggesting there may still be more ways to re-interpret a waltz. At times hilarious, at times ironical, amazingly varied and surprising, ‘Trois Lapins’ is a valid choice of tracks standing the test of time.



6 Responses to “Various ‘Trois Lapins’ (1988)”

  1. 1 Laurent April 8, 2008 at 12:15 pm

    Merci… J’avais une copie toute pourrie de cette magnifique compilation. Je vais réécouter avec un vrai plaisir Les Guelass.


  2. 2 vespucci April 9, 2008 at 8:12 am

    Thank you very much for this one. I do like waltzes a lot, at least such peculiar ones. ; )

  3. 3 anacronista April 15, 2008 at 5:05 pm

    merci bien

  4. 4 Maxi October 22, 2008 at 9:18 am

    It’s very cool! Thank you, my friend!

  5. 5 UP February 9, 2009 at 1:53 pm

    Merci pour le boulot et les commentaires


  6. 6 Tenedor August 27, 2013 at 8:52 pm

    Muchas gracias!

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