Balloons a go-go!

Duration: 59:21
File size: 83mb
Personnal recording+pictures

Ok, today Continuo goes minimal techno! Well I was curious about this show (created 2007) and I’m quite OK with some of the man’s music – especially the very long tracks. You’ll find many info, beautiful pictures and not-so-beautiful videos on the web about this, so no need to describe it here. Mostly rhythm-based music, less synth swashes as in other tracks by the same composer. A lot of high-pitched ‘click’ sounds, some heavy bass in the middle section (from 22′ to 49′), a few ambient synth moments. Obviously, the music was working on synch with the lightings, hence the binary rhythms, I guess. The white bulbs created simple geometrical patterns akin to pixel art in 3D. The noise of the little engines is sometimes noticeable on the recording. I think the music works well without the stage show, though I assume it was not intended to. Enjoy.



1 Response to “Balloons a go-go!”

  1. 1 ngoma April 13, 2008 at 4:46 am

    i saw this. it was ok.

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