Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer ‘Buy Buy Love’


01 Expose Yourself (2:28)
02 Do We Need Nature (2:19)
03 Fucking Slow (0:40)
04 Gundl’s Fenstersturz (2:08)
05 Foolish Drunken (1:00)
06 Sometimes Everything (2:31)
07 Monday Moning (2:44)
08 Happy Metal (5:49)
Total time: 19:35
Released 1994, ref WZ2

Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer is a Vienna artist collective whose core members are the two writers and movie-makers Ilse Kilic and Fritz Widhalm, who also runs the Edition Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer book imprint. Variable members in the band have included: Stefan Krist, Sonja Wally, Susa Binder, Bernhard Kölbersberger. The band started 1986, producing unconventional, deranged and provocative art punk songs on cassettes. This was their first CD. They publish literature and art books, openned a galery for their drawings, make radio-shows, etc. See http://www.dfw.at

Selected discography:
The Best Of, self released cassette
Let´s Dance/Pips Pips Brumm, self released 7”, 1991
Buy Buy Love, self released CD 1994
Like A Pharao, CD, Sonder 2000



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