Matmos live Paris March 29, 2008


01 Sympathetic Magic for Pierre Schaeffer (29:45)
02 [sounds recorded at Radio France] (09:33)
Total time: 39:18

Live Maison de Radio France, Paris, March 29, 2008
GRM Présences Electroniques Festival
Photo above from BUTT magazine #5, 2002

Martin C Schmidt: dices, assorted percussion and toys, tuning forks,
sampler & sound effects
Drew Daniel: triangle, keyboard, computer, sampler

Being apparently a work specifically conceived for the GRM festival as an hommage to its founding member, ‘Sympathetic Magic for Pierre Schaeffer’ is pure, unadulterated concrete music with only a few hints at electronica. The music Matmos played consisted of live sound manipulations and live electronics, on sampler, sound effects and keyboards. The duo has impressive mastery of their instruments, are totally at ease monitoring their sound material and demonstrated a great control of musical timing, delivering only what is necessary on the spot and nothing more. The interaction between prerecorded and live samples was faultless, so I assume this required several rehearsals. Their take on concrete was true to the original and this is as apt an hommage to Schaeffer as he could’ve dreamed of. Matmos’ respect and dedication to french musique concrete was really appreciated by the audience – myself included, obviously. At times, they had videos along the music showing dices being thrown in colourful surroundings, inside piano parts close-ups or a strange hand-choreography (the latter also appear on this video). The first track they played was actually #2, a collage of sounds collected inside the french national radio building (Radio France). Concrete music as well, I think it works well as a complement to the ‘Sympathetic Magic’ greater achievement.


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