Bernard C ‘Lieu Magique’


01 A Iche La Mo (1:52)
02 8,000 Hz (3:13)
03 Triptyque Aléatoire (4:02)
04 Intermède n°1 (1:38)
05 Le Temple Flottant (1:13)
06 Signal Processor (0:18)
07 Lieu Magique (5:10)
08 Retour Au Temple (1:37)
09 For I = 1 To 5 Print ‘Trop Tard’ (2:20)
10 Chant d’Introduction (1:28)
11 Totem Electronique (4:28)
12 Intermède n°2 (2:11)
13 Bypass Effect (2:44)
14 Quelque Part Derrière Les Montagnes (1:40)
15 Topographie Equatoriale (4:03)
16 D’une Autre Planète (2:01)
17 Ta Voix – Your Voice (1:53)
Total time: 41:45
LP released 1985 on Illusion Production, IP021

My favorite Illusion release, this one was a revelation in the late 1980s, leading me to explore the area of ‘concrete song’ as I called it then, or electroacoustic song-writing as performed by the likes of Yximaloo, Ghédalia Tazartes, H.N.A.S. or Biota, the latter mostly instrumental, though. The mysterious Bernard C is on keyboards, saxophone, tibetan or assorted percussion instruments and hushed vocals. As far as I know, he wasn’t a member of DDAA, and this is basically all I know about the guy. This is a truly unique collection of magical electronic song vignettes to which the only comparison I can think of is french Art & Technique (the 1981 ‘Clima-X’ LP, reissued on Spalax, 1998). The music and track titles are indeed reminiscent of Art & Technique. ‘Lieu Magique’ features short tracks, combining synth sounds with real instruments in a very peculiar way. There is a strangeness in the sounds, as if coming from Saturn (like Sun Ra or Franco Battiato). Drum machine, live percussion or electronic pulsations are used to create soft rhythmic sonorities on which all kinds of weird additional sounds will pop up. Then the hushed vocals, the echo-drenched saxophone or the multi-tracked tibetan percussion will add the leading ‘voice’ of the song.

See Atlantis Audio Archive for a Bernard C cassette.

Socialist Realism 7″, Illusion Production IP008, 1981
Les Chants Révolutionaires, cassette, Illusion Productions IP013, 1983
Lieu Magique LP, Illusion Production IP021, 1985
Various participations to compilations on Illusion, Ladd-Frith and STI labels.



1 Response to “Bernard C ‘Lieu Magique’”

  1. 1 enborRa March 28, 2008 at 11:37 pm

    Aupa continuo.
    Perdona por el idioma pero….
    Gracias por el comentario, eres muy amable.
    Mi intención es seguir poniendo entradas de discos que a mi me gustan y creó que a otra gente también le gustaran.
    Intentare ir poniendo 2 / 3 referencias por semana……. Aparte de bajarme algunas cosas de Continuo’s weblog,
    Un saludo.


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