Møhr ‘How To Make Darkness Visible’


Yellow vinyl 7″, supposedly playing at 33rpm
Drone Records, 1993, first edition, DR-02
01 Inter-Sense (8:10)
02 Collected Light (8:53)

Drone Records was launched in 1993 by german Stefan Knappe (a member of Maeror Tri and Troum ambient droning outfits) to release vinyl 7 inches of dark ambient music with hand made covers. This yellow vinyl comes with a hand-made cover adorned by tinted leather and candle’s wax. It was the second in the series – the first being a Maeror Tri 7” in 1993. Møhr was german artist Andreaz Vogel, who started releasing cassettes of ambient industrial music in 1988. These 2 tracks feature ultra intense electronic frequencies, including bass, mid-range and high tonalities all at once. The unrelentless droning sounds mercilessly assault the listener with monstruous layers of processed, granite-like electronics. The kind of impressive music that makes sense when witnessed live in a dark basement venue and a small defenceless audience. Interesting to compare this kind of drone music with that of Charlemagne Palestine (see previous post).



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