Tellus #12 ‘Dance’


01 Bill Obrecht ‘Untitled’ (1:30)
02 A. Leroy ‘Arcade’ (3:12)
03 Richard McGuire ‘You’ (2:43)
04 Carol Parkinson ‘Heavybeat’ (4:12)
05 Linda Fisher ‘Send Forth A Current’ (4:30)
06 Lenny Pickett ‘Dance Music for 4 Saxophones #3’ (5:36)
07 Anita Feldman and Michael Kowalski ‘Riffle’ (2:35)
08 J.A. Deane ‘The Beats’ (2:45)
09 Gretchen Langheld ‘Desire Brings You Back Again’ (4:59)
10 Bruce Tovsky ‘Field’ (2:04)
11 Brooks Williams ‘Demented Folk Tune’ (2:17)
12 Jim Farmer ‘Emperor’s Clothes’ (4:18)
13 Hearn Gadbois ‘GAHT MAYH MOH8 JOH3 WOYKIHN’ (3:14)
14 Liquid Liquid ‘Grove To Go’ (4:17)
15 Al Diaz ‘What’s In A Name’ (3:32)
16 David Linton ‘L’eau d’artifice’ (4:20)
Total time: 56:20
Cover artwork: Barbara Ess
Release date: 1986

Curated by Gretchen Langheld and Bruce Tovsky, ‘Dance’ is a gathering of 1) works comissionned by choreographers, 2) instrumental songs based on dance rhythms or even 3) plain, unadulterated dance music. This Tellus issue include the most straightforward music to be found in the entire series. Some of the contributions sound like Gray or Liquid Liquid, or anything on the Anti-NY compilation, that is, bleak white funk on heavy beats & bass. All very energetic and making creative use of the studio facilities. Most surprising for me were the sax/trumpet crazynesss in Bill Obrecht and Lenny Picket instrumentals; the speech synthesis in Hearn Gadbois‘ cover of Muddy Waters’s ‘Got My Mojo Working’, which wouldn’t be out o place on Tellus #22 ‘False Phonemes’. It’s a delight to have an unreleased live track by Liquid Liquid, a drum/synth-based song in primitive mood and chorale singing. And everything in between, from drum machine tracks, to mambo (Al Diaz), to romantic violin. Beautiful contribution of saxophone and FM guitar on Gretchen Langheld‘s Desire.


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  1. 1 GB July 2, 2009 at 9:16 pm

    Thank you!!!

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