Noise Maker’s Fifes ‘Zona Incerta’


10″ ep on Drone Records’ sub-series Substantia Innominata.
01 Dionysos’ Last Day (Remix) (16:00)
02 Dyonisos In Zona Incerta (14:10)
Released June 2006.

Noise Maker’s Fifes is a belgian experimental/drone collective founded by Marc Wroblewski & Geert Feytons in 1990 with a variable membership. They build their own instruments to produce the surreal textures of their music, so that their records hardly sound dry nor digital. They have composed music for sound installations, stage plays (like their collaboration with former Tuxedomoon member Luc Van Lieshout on ‘Corsp(e)’, an ambitious theater performance) and collaborated several times with choreographers like Wim Vandekeybus or, as in the present side A, for a Thierry Smits 2003 choreography. This ep offers two slabs of evocative ambient industrial soundscapes, including processed water and metal sounds, many unidentifiable sounds with a distinct analog quality, as well as a strong live mix feeling – though it might as well be painfully crafted for hours in the studio. Side B includes insect field recordings from Kenya. The surreal aspect of these recordings is highly enjoyable and fits nicely with some belgian artists like writer Rodenbach, or painter Delvaux. The music can be compared to that of Organum or Mirror. Noise Maker’s Fifes members (variable): Geert Feytons, Marc Wroblewski, Greg Jacobs, Eric Faes, Timo Van Luyk, Bryan Seating, Hans Van Kootwijk. Audio samples from this vinyl can be found here. This post is dedicated to fellow blogger P. Somniferum who fostered my interest for NMF’s music a while back.



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