Sensationnel #5: ‘All With The Voice’


01 Alec Guiness ‘To Be Or Not To Be’ (0:15)
02 Picky Picnic ‘Blue Mountain 500 Miles Goes By’ (5:20)
03 Mr. Curt ‘A Great Lesson Is Hard To Take’ (1:35)
04 De Fabriek ‘Untitled’ (0:38)
05 Toupidek Limonade ‘St. Glès Des Vosges’ (2:17)
06 Andrzej Dudek-Dürer ‘Respiration’ (2:51)
07 Vittore Baroni ‘A Tongue Twister’ (2:51)
08 De Fabriek ‘Untitled’ (0:17)
09 Les Chevaliers Brothers De Caen ‘Everybody’ (3:25)
10 N.A.O. ‘Sacred Dream Amongst Tears Broken’ (2:35)
11 Neljan Seinan Jumulat ‘Kosminen Huute Nenalle Suulle’ (1:35)
12 De Fabriek ‘Untitled’ (0:30)
13 Pascal Legras ‘Featuring’ (4:10)
14 De Fabriek ‘Untitled’ (0:30)
15 Deux Pingouins ‘R. Thinnes Dans Le Rôle De D. Vincent’ (5:33)
16 Jad Fair ‘Spinning Pins’ (0:30)
17 Bel Canto Orchestra ‘Child In Time (Deep Purple)’ (3:17)
18 De Fabriek ‘Untitled’ (0:24)
19 La STPO ‘Boum De La Tête’ (0:45)
20 Unforgettable Nail ‘Ernst’ (1:40)
21 Unforgettable Nail ‘Ludwig’ (2:10)
22 Unforgettable Nail ‘Rabold’ (1:45)
23 Unforgettable Nail ‘Fini’ (2:05)
24 De Fabriek ‘Untitled’ (0:13)
25 Avant-Dernières Pensées ‘Psico’ (5:03)
26 DDAA ‘King Harry (John Cale)’ (3:50)
27 Phyllyp Vernacular ‘Roylle Like A Knight’ (3:05)
28 De Fabriek ‘Untitled’ (0:25)
29 Omming For Woks ‘Marjorie Daw’ (1:36)
30 Craig Burk ‘Hard Above The Wilow Grove’ (1:00)
31 Rosa Crux ‘Mouritouri’ (3:05)
32 De Fabriek ‘Untitled’ (1:07)
33 Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl ‘Champagne In Penthouse’ (2:30)
34 Alec Guiness ‘Alec Guiness’s Parrot’ (0:10)
Total time: 70:00
IP 029, 1987


Too many participants on this french label Illusion Production compilation to comment on each track (except: I love the Picky Picnic!). Genres ranges from the found speech – usually from TV – to the harmony choir, from the heavily processed voices to the declamatory. All in all, the song format was favored by most participants, contrary to sound poetry, a genre which wasn’t hip at the times and not the cup of tea of this specific label. 32 pages b&w booklet included, with visual elements from a french 1977 newspaper and some illustrations from the french Bazzoka group of artists. Enjoy.



4 Responses to “Sensationnel #5: ‘All With The Voice’”

  1. 1 elektrokapusciocha February 14, 2008 at 5:57 pm

    wonderful! you keep on surprising me

  2. 2 continuo February 14, 2008 at 11:35 pm

    You’re welcome.

  3. 3 p. somniferum February 15, 2008 at 5:17 am

    Wow…great comp there continuo. You really do post some true gems here. Kudos.

  4. 4 j.henry February 20, 2008 at 8:22 pm

    picky picnic! — myOmy yes! — do you have the releases upped at mutant sounds some time ago? — i’ve tried to track down more of their cartoony joy in tokyo to no avail — still on the trail tho! will let kno.. .

    (again, & this may be overdoing it, but i’d like apologize again that you feel slighted about the ubuweb tellus gig — of course, i’ll do all i can to keep it real.. . i really didn’t think you’d — after all it’s a process in works, i think — &who’s even assessed all that material coming in yet? — i just wrote kenny about it tonight & he’s been working with the founders claudia gould & j. nechvatal to get the whole series. so ya’kno — you got it started, but a great resource archive digital came sprung from it in the end! i dunno, this is all beyond me, anyhow, respect continuo, respect!)

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