Rummaging the web #4

A regular survey of internet resources.


The HP Show was run by Hank Bull and Patrick Ready on CFRO FM, Vancouver (1976-1984), The HP Underwater Special was a special show with material recorded in (or processed through) water, eventually using condoms to protect the microphones under water. The sound file is in streaming [.rm] format. On Patrick Ready, see previous postMusicWorks #26′.

Larry Polansky uploaded this personnal archive recordings page with many treasures from the 1970s and 1980s, in which I immediately rushed on the Rzweskis. I’m a total devotee to Frederik Rzweskis music, be it his ensemble compositions or solo piano music. ‘Coming Together’ and ‘Attica’ are masterpieces belonging to the former category, here performed by Malcolm Goldstein (violin), Frederic Rzweski (piano) and Christian Wolff (flute), amongst others, recorded 1975. Not hifi quality, but fascinating live performances.

Shanghai’s Post Concrete released an impressive Xie Zhongqi 謝仲其 ‘ Live at Nanhai 2007’. Xie (aka Wolfenstein on his blog) is a fan of british duo Autechre and produces a very ambitious and elaborated electronic music, kind of Xenakis on ProTools, at least on the first track, as the 2nd one is a piano solo. In the course of its almost 23mns, track #1 goes through 3 differents phases: the 2nd one is a barage of dubstep-like drum machine ; the final section is a beautiful bouquet of exploding quasars and beautiful digital solar eruptions. The files are available in pristine FLAC format, worth the burden of installing FrontEnd decoder (given away with the FLAC codec), since the sound production is impressive for laptop music.

A mexican webdesigner and composer living in Suchiapa, in the Chiapas area, Mexico, Carlos Emilio Ruiz Llaven created this series of electroacoustic compositions ‘Requiem para 4 elementos’ for a galery exhibition in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, south of Mexico. Go to his blog and check the Experimentación sonora tag to see the sculpture that inspired the music. On his blog Archivo Sonoro, Ruiz Llaven also post urban field recordings or folk songs recorded outdoors in Mexico. His other website is here.

Douglas Kahn‘s classic Reagan cut up ‘Reagan speaks for himself’, released 1981 has been remixed by Dubya as the ‘Reagan Flexi-Jam’ on his Library Of Vynil blog. Both tracks are cruel speech cut ups, the Dubya one with added drum machine. The blog was discontinued 2 years ago but is still a good resource for vynil fetishists and second hand record stores maniac. Douglas Kahn was featured in the Radio Territories book I reviewed the other day.

The Field Recording All-Stars collective have 20mns worth of sound files on Dielectric Records, a net label from the San Francisco Bay Area (I think). Members include Jen Boyd, Leticia Castaneda, Milton Cross, Cria Cuervos, Drew Webster, Mark Griswold, Will Mitchell, Maggi Payne, Toby Paddock, Rudy Trubitt, Aaron Ximm. Very nice short tracks of concrete sounds and field recordings (more urbane than in-the-field). They even manage to make concrete music with a noisy electric guitar. [To download the mp3s, look in each sound file’s page html code, to get the name of the mp3].


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