Mainstream Ensemble



‘Mojo Rising Multiple Takes Creating Regions’
One track. Total time: 46:55
Recorded in Paris, March 21, 2002
Self released CD-R, 3R0042

Joseph Ghosn: Moog, harmonica, delay, hood
Guillaume Ollendorf: keyboards
Michel Wisniewski: bass
Julien Potet: voice
Jeremy Campbell: turntables
Christophe Degoutin: drum, and bass
Egmont Labadie: bowed guitar
Emmanuel Triboulet: guitar

The Mainstream Ensemble is an informal parisian collective playing instrumental improvised music with extensive droning passages. The present CD-R is an ambient affair with all instrumentists in subdued mood, and effect pedals set to full capacity. Guitar, bowed guitar and bass are the Main instruments of the Stream, though a constant vinyl end groove and piano samples give the music a timeless feeling. At times mesmerizing thanks to their beautiful sound choices, at times you completely forget you’re actually listening to music, the sounds drifting away behind you. If you could imagine an ambient AMM, you’d have a rough idea of what’s happening here. Check their website for more images & sounds.



1 Response to “Mainstream Ensemble”

  1. 1 Joseph Ghosn March 25, 2009 at 10:02 pm

    thanks so much for putting this : a lost CD-R we released out of our living-room and which we are still proud of. And many thanks too for the lovely and accurate description – AMM was heavily listened to when we started our ensemble playing. By the way, we released one vinyl 10inch around the same time as the Mojo Rising CD-R. Should you want a copy, feel free to ask…

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