Rake ‘Resume the Cosmos’

Rake CD cover

Rake CD

Rake ‘Resume the Cosmos’ CD
Released on Camera Obscura (Australia), 1998
No track titles. Total time: 60:00

Rake was formed in Fairfax (Virginia) in 1989 by Bill Kellum, Vinnie Van Go-Go and Carl Moller, as a mostly instrumental psych rock band. Most of their output of cassettes, 7”s and CDs was released on VHF label run by bassist Bill Kellum. Some of their music sounds like a mix between Pelt country/drone improv and the Flying Luttenbachers punk jazz. On ‘Resume The Cosmos’, Rake reached a peak in weirdness, unleashing a mix of free jazz running amok amid fake weird ethno improvisations. The opening track is a beautiful ambient saxophone/clarinet duo moving into a bowed guitar drone. It then morph into a fake pygmy chorale along unceremonious ethno drumming. And this is only the begining. The following tracks include several epic moments of heavy droning bowed guitar/bass along bowed cymbal and all kinds of assorted percussion reminding an Art Ensemble Of Chicago LP like ‘Fanfare For The Warriors’, for instance. Later on, someone recites the title poem ‘I am the Cosmos’ along a muted saxophone improvisation in cosmic mood. Fantastic ambient free jazz CD. Check out Rake’s archive recordings (including cassette releases) on the Oastem page.

Download via Mediafire.


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