Un Département s/t cassette

French specialists of out of synch drum machines and out of control keyboards, Un Département formed in Orléans, France in 1980. The duo of Marcel Kanche: saxophone, vocals and Phil Gaz: drums, keyboards (+ additional guitar & bass), Un Département created avant rock electronic songs, with the occasional engaging french lyrics, blending humour and poetry in a unique way. This is a landmark recording and a cult cassette, released 1984 on french Illusion Production (IP 017), also home of many D.D.A.A. albums. Thanks to a very limited CD-R reissue courtesy Palo Alto, this previously untitled release is now known as the ‘Attaches parisiennes’ cassette (from the device holding tape and cardboard together). Additionnaly, the previously untitled tracks (save for the drawings above) are now christened with marvellous, poetic titles, as follow:

01 Chocolat d’Antonia (4:37)
02 La grâce des gros (2:18)
03 Potée d’Oulan Bator (4:59)
04 Seafood de Suzy (3:01)
05 Courges de Beauce (04:25)
06 Une fée à table (04:52)
07 Yaourt au vinaigre d’Orléans (5:15)
Total time: 30:00

Un Département discography:

  • Self released 6 songs 12” EP 1981
  • Appear on Va ‘Douze Pour Un’ LP AAA, 1982
  • ‘Je serai clément en tant que dictateur’ self released 7” EP 1983
  • ‘Un Département’ s/t cassette, 1984
  • ‘Le album’ LP Illusion Production 1985
  • ‘Au Menu’ (CDr) 2005

Download ‘Attaches Parisiennes’.


3 Responses to “Un Département s/t cassette”

  1. 1 Üriniglirimirnaglü August 1, 2008 at 6:52 pm

    J’ai la K7, je ne m’en lasse pas, mais j’ai perdu les attaches et ce qui allait avec… béotien, quand tu nous tiens …

    Thanxalot !

  2. 2 J November 12, 2009 at 1:02 am

    download broken. wa!

  3. 3 Bodhi Amol April 13, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    Please reup since the link expired_thank you!

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