Tecnologie Del Movimento II


01 Aria (4:58)
02 Guardami (4:27)
03 Aria Sensoemozionale (4:56)

Human Flesh
04 Maybe Your Skin…(love at first sight) (5:55)
05 Beatitude (Ma Vie à l’envers) (2:23)
06 Alone (Third Party) (5:49)

07 La Delusione Della Bellezza (1:33)
08 Stripe Crudele (Parte1) (1:59)
09 Orgasme Du Temps (4:56)
10 Stripe Crudele (Parte 2) (1:11)
11 Da Lontano (4:47)
12 La Derniere Mêre (6:32)

La Deviation/Motor Angel
13 Questro È Per Nostra Signora (4:34)
14 Wandering Man (4:36)
15 Big City / 606 (3:13)
16 . (4:12)
17 Machine Gun (3:22)
18 Broken Toy (3:37)
Total time: 73:10
Released 1992

The italian Hax label was run by Marco Milanesio, whose musical solo project DsorDne is featured here. DsorDne openned for The Legenary Pink Dots on their 1987 Italy tour. He also published the Snowdonia fanzine with Marco Pustianaz. Tecnologie Del Movimento II is a CD of ambient techno songs. The 3 DsorDne tracks here are extremely well produced techno songs with refined sounds and beautiful melodies. Human Flesh is belgian Alain Neffe of Insane Music fame. His 3 exquisite tracks are in the same vein as his fantastic ‘Songs For The Victims (From A Decaying Country)’, re 2006. Guests Gina Fear and Lydia Tomkiw (from US duo Algebra Suicide) send their vocals on cassette for inclusion in Neffe’s mix. Agonije was Angel G. Villani, a film maker from Torino playing short neoclassical keyboard tracks with synth piano lines, synthetic choir voices, etc. La Deviation/Motor Angel use a lot of drum machine to produce military-style rythms over which the singer reads his poetry. This one might sound a bit outdated, while the others are really worth a listen. Tecnologie Del Movimento I was posted by The Thing On The Door Step [+].

Download via zshare or rapid.


3 Responses to “Tecnologie Del Movimento II”

  1. 1 pancho January 29, 2008 at 5:47 pm

    great blog!
    thank you for this post.



  2. 2 Thomas July 28, 2008 at 11:29 pm

    Many thanks for it – I’ve searched a long time for this release, ’cause I’ve lost the tape many years ago …

  3. 3 continuo July 29, 2008 at 7:47 pm

    Welcome aboard, Thomas.

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