Klangkrieg ’38cbm’



01 38 cbm (15:08)
02 Nachtwache (14:15)
03 Korpus 1 (3:38)
04 Korpus 2 (4:43)
05 Tokkata (4:46)
06 Stuhlscharren (6:47)
Total time: 49:56
Released 1996 as ND CD09 by ND Magazine.


Founded in 1987 in Hamburg, Germany, by Felix Knoth (aka Felix Kubin) and Tim Buhre, Klangkrieg was a german experimental music duo working with heavily processed analog sound sources and electronic effects, with several full-length releases in the 1990s. ’38 cbm’ was released in 1997 on ND magazine record label. ND was a groundbreaking music magazine from Austin, Texas, whose complete collection reads like a who’s who in avantgarde/independent music. The title track refers to a freight container equipped with 4 loudspeakers playing the music heard here to a captive audience locked inside, eventually in total darkness. Quite a terrifying experience, if I’m to judge from the composition openning the CD, made of concrete sounds (heartbeat, voices, noises, a baby crying, do I hear frogs as well?) and electronic treatments. The rest of the CD is in the same intense vein: electroacoustic music suffused with post industrial elements, like several other bands of the time like french Brume, for instance, which seems an apt comparison.



2 Responses to “Klangkrieg ’38cbm’”

  1. 1 Thomas October 7, 2011 at 2:26 am

    Just discovered Klangkrieg via the fascinating album “Historische Aufnahmen,” attributed to Mr. Kubin. Nice to see a trail leading here. Continuo, I will contact you soon regarding rare cassettes of music by Pierre Barbaud residing in the Bibliotheque Nationale…

  2. 2 Thomas October 7, 2011 at 2:32 am

    Oh, drat. The file’s gone.

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