Hartmann/Bourbonese Qualk ‘Music While You Work’

ADN Tapes # 09, released 1984



Hartmann side:
01 Music 1 (1:47)
02 Message 1 (3:20)
03 Music 2 (6:08)
04 Music 3 (1:38)
05 Message 2 (2:24)
06 Message 3 (3:04)
07 Music 4 (1:19)
08 Music 5 (4:25)
09 Message 4 (4:26)
Duration: 25:00

Bourbonese Qualk side:
10 Succubare (5:24)
11 Exposure (6:05)
12 Headstop (live Bologna 11.9.83) (7:19)
13 Into Innocence (4:20)
14 Blackout (1:55)
15 Papal Order (7:16)
16 Meatrack (3:27)
Duration: 37:00

ADN again, this one devoted to 2 Recloose bands. Simon Crab launched Recloose Organisation in 1982 to release his band Bourbonese Qualk’s music and that of Muslimgauze (when he was called E.g Oblique Graph), Royal Family and The Poor and various bands in the Cabaret Voltaire, Test Department and Throbbing Gristle vein. According to Crab, Hartmann is said to be a ‘Berlin based musician’, though the music sounds unmissably like some Bourbonese Qualk member side project with its guitar+bass miniatures, minimal drum machine hymns, melodica, slogans and overall sound quality out of Cabaret Voltaire’s Nag Nag Nag. The Bourbonese Qualk side offers a good overview of the band’s capacities, from the depressed processed voices of Headstop (live Bologna 11.9.83) to the subtle guitar/bass patterns of Into Innocence. The bass on Papal Order make it sound like a Pink Floyd instrumental to me. Check Crab’s blog ‘Stalker’ in the side bar on the right: he digitized most BQ’s releases, including this one, though having access to master tapes, his rip is kinda dry and lack the cassette’s warm feeling, whereas I believe a genuine aural delicacy requires a fair amount of tape hiss. Here it is, in all its glory –



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  1. 1 jkarl January 12, 2013 at 8:25 pm

    Can u re-upload please? Thank you very much!

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