Musica Da Cucina



01. Aspettando Che Inizi La Cena (2:27)
02. Non Suonare Mentre Mangi (3:00)
03. Una Cartolina (3:55)
04. Come Dentro Una Pentola (1:19)
05. Quella Luce Dalla Dispensa (2:54)
06. … E Sorridi Quando Cucini (4:38)
07. Briciole Sul Tavolo (3:20)
08. Rosolio (0:45)
09. Elvira E Amelia (2:04)
10. Onions On Your Fingers (3:58)
11. ……………… (2:33)
12. … Cuoce … Piano (0:51)
13. Tieni Stretti Gli Ingredienti Altrimentri Scapp… (3:26)
14. Ma Questo E Il Mare O Un’ Immensa Pentol… (2:30)
Total time 37:06

Fabio Bonelli (from Morbegno, Sondrio, in the italian Alps north of the country near Switzerland) is the man behind Musica Da Cucina (kitchen music). He plays music partly with kitchen tools (cutlery, saucepan, kettle, etc) and partly with clarinet, guitar, accordion. He sometimes sings as well. He makes cute musical haikus not unlike Klimperei or Pierre Bastien. This CD is lovely and the attached QuickTime video is just adorable. Music that makes you feel good.

Book+CD limited to 530 copies, ed 2006. 5:30mn video included in the downloadable file.

1 Response to “Musica Da Cucina”

  1. 1 @mnezik December 16, 2007 at 12:21 am

    Belle découverte merci ;)

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