Audio Drudge magazine #3



Audio Drudge issue #3
Magazine+cassette, 1993

01. Voice Of Eye
‘Scanning For Abandoned Weaponry In A Digital Dreamscape’ (10:27)

02. Arcane Device
‘Cry & Gathering’ (07:07)

03. Left Hand Right Hand
‘Live April 1992 Downtown Performance Center, Tucson, AZ’ (3:25)

04. Left Hand Right Hand
‘Live 1985 Zaal 100 Amsterdam, Holland’ (3:13)

. . . . . . . . . .

Audio Drudge was a zine launched in 1991 by Jason H. Mantis – prior to starting Malignant Records, then – to promote the then blossoming post industrial music scene. The articles and reviews were devoted to dark ambient music, the nascent drone scene, etc. I cannot claim to be a fan of the genre, though the sound quality of this cassette is still ear catching today. The Voyce Of Eye track is a richly textured electronic soundscape reminiscent of some Zoviet-France. The Arcane Device is David Myers unleashing his feedback machine to good effect. Left Hand Right Hand was a fine british band mostly led by drums and the occasional bass. Their 2 tracks here are live recordings, clearly more industrial a la Z’ev than their CDs. To see the kind of graphics featured on another issue of the zine, check out issue #4 on this russian page (though the d/l link is dead over there).

Download link.

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    please repost this. thanks.

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