Les Phonogénistes



01 Vocalistic Laptop orchestra (podcast, June 3rd, 2005) (09:24)
02. From the 2001 ‘Fête Epsilonia’ live CD (24:20)

Laurence Bouckaert: sampler & CD
Pierre Couprie: processed flute, digeridoo & oboe
Francis Larvor: sound objects and synth
+ Jean Baptiste Favory (on tr. #02 only): sound effects and devices

Taking their names from a Pierre Schaeffer varispeed reel to reel tape player (‘Le Phonogène’), french trio Les Phonogénistes, formed 1994, clearly operate in the electroacoustic music canon, though essentially improvised live along avantgarde movies (Dziga Vertov & Man Ray). So that their music is always on the move to the next scene of the film and a drone sound will last as long as the corresponding scene, no more. This is quiet concrete soundscapes, with processed live instruments – like the unmissable didgeridoo – live samples, synthesizer and tapes. Great sense of timing & synching with the film and exciting sound selection.

Track #1 comes from a podcast on their website. Track #2 is from a benefit CD for a parisian independent radioshow.


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