Rummaging the web #2

A regular survey of internet resources.




The WFMU ‘Modified guitars’ collection has only 5 tracks but they are worth the try. Featuring Killick Erick Hinds, Elliott Sharp, Marco Cappelli, Paolo Angeli & Derek Bailey. Adventurous and melodic guitar experiments akin to Fred Frith 1974 ‘Guitar Solos’.

Chain Tape Collective is a netlabel operating on a collaborative mode, with each album a thematic and collective effort. This one, ‘Location Volume 1’ is their refreshing stake on field recording, where they unashamedly add sound treatments and instruments to their source material. So, no ayatollah of field recording here – know what I’m saying? At CT Collective.

Toronto based Deep Wireless Festival of Radio Art launched several online CDs, among which this double CD available for free download: ‘Deep Wireless #3’. Excellent contributions by american and canadian radio producers.

The consistently interesting Rock Progressivo Portugues blog recently posted an amazing tape by Ocaso Épico, 1989 ‘Desperdícios‘, including Carlos Cordeiro & Carlos Zingaro. Very pleasant experimental music, not unlike some H.N.A.S. stuff, if you’re familiar. Here.

Erling Wold offers many mp3s on his website. I enjoyed his 1988 ‘Music of Love’ CD, offered here along several other albums, in the ‘Works’ section. Wold was featured on Tellus cassette #14 ‘Just Intonation’, so you get the picture.

ShameFile Music reissue their New Music Australia magazine and tape series. I love 1989 NMA tape #7 , ‘Performance and radio pieces, environmental compositions, music theatre’. Featuring: Jon Rose, sound ecologist Ron Nagorcka, Helen Gifford with excerpts from her Faustus opera, Percy Grainger’s ballet music, a.o. Lovely.


3 Responses to “Rummaging the web #2”

  1. 1 Ellen Zweig December 3, 2007 at 7:00 pm

    the image you have posted of me is not me – it is a photo of the filmmaker Leslie Thornton – if you want a recent image of Ellen Zweig, let me know and I’ll send you one. and please take Leslie off the blog – thanks, ez

  2. 2 continuo December 3, 2007 at 7:52 pm

    Ooops! Sorry, Ellen, my mistake!

    I certainly want to put a genuine picture of you to adorn Tellus #22 False Phonemes. My idea was to put a photo from the 1980s, but any picture you’d dare send my way would be very much appreciated. Originally, I wanted to stress the role of the curator in this Tellus series, since I believe it was key to the success of those cassettes.

    Anyway, my apologies for any inconvenience I might have caused.

    Additionally, I would love to read your comments on this Tellus #22 project – what are your thoughts about it today? Do you consider it outdated? (which I don’t) Did you read Raymond Roussel in french when working on your adaptation? I consider this cassette a total joy to listen to and still very provocative even today – an indication of the quality of your choices back in 1988.

    All the best,

    Reach me at:
    teepeesfrp [at] yahoo [dot] fr

  3. 3 continuo December 3, 2007 at 9:45 pm

    Here’s Ellen’s reply:

    ‘Dear continuo,

    I’m in San Francisco right now for a screening at SF Cinematheque – see – so I don’t have a photo with me – I’ll be back in NY (where I live) on Dec. 12 and will try to dig something up from the 80s. I’m really happy that you like the Tellus I curated. I have to run off to an appointment right now, but I’ll send some comments soon…oh and my French just isn’t good enough for me to read Roussel in the original (sadly) – but at the time, there were some translations that had just come out.
    more soon,
    best, Ellen’

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